If you’ve been getting the itch to rearrange your whole house and make things look ~fresh~ and ~new~ again, get extremely stoked for you and your bank account because Kmart has unleashed its new living range. And mates, it looks pretty bloody schmick, I tell ya what.

From what I can see, the big trend of wicker and light-coloured, Scandi-esque garb is carrying through from 2019, with lots of fresh and light colours paired with space-opening lines and sleek vibes.

Look at this whole setup, I want all of it.

Kmart new living range 2020
Now this is my kind of wicker, man.

Getting in on the whole swing toward more sustainable ways of living, Kmart’s also bringing in a range of more environmentally-friendly pantry stuff, like these very cute little grocery bags that’ll replace the 4000 plastic produce bags that are overflowing in the misc. drawer in the kitchen.

Kmart new living range 2020
One of everything, please.

Everything’s so earthy and homely, while still being super light and airy. It makes me feel like I could actually successfully propagate and maintain a bunch of plants with none of them dying on me for no reason.

I mean, just look at this vibe. It gives me hope that maybe I will one day be catalogue-cover-shoot levels of organised and clean.

Kmart new living range 2020
HOW do I get my life that clean?

Making your house smell fab is a big name of the game this year, and Kmart are piffing out diffusers and vaporisers out the wazoo. I got a really lovely little water diffuser for Christmas and you better bloody believe I’m going to pick up at least another two. Maybe a nice lookin’ wooden one.

Are you in the market for some baskets for your plants? Here, have 40. You get a basket! You get a basket! Everyone gets a basket!

kmart plant basket
I will take 47 baskets please.

Even if you need some more organisational stuff to sort out that mess of a garage, the Kmart gods have you sorted with all kinds of storage solutions. It’s 2020 and you’ve probably got a million DIYs planned, so why not organise it all and make your garage or garden shed look schmick?

There really is something for everyone in this range. Whether you need to Marie Kondo the fuck out of your closet, or you need to spice up your reading nook, Kmart has you covered this year. It’s a new year and you can have a little home decor, as a treat.

Image: Supplied / Kmart