Kmart Is Doing A Bunch Of Sleek Outdoor Furniture If You Wanna Bougie Up The Backyard Setup

kmart new outdoor furniture range

The weather’s turning up and we’re slowly crawling out of our little winter hibernation caves to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D, so it’s absolutely no surprise that Kmart has released a very solid and slick range of outdoor furniture right in front of your summer seshes.

Look, it’s probably about time you upgraded the shitty glass table you all sit around for pre’s (and kickons hours later), so may as well make it look good, right?

The new range has started popping up on the Kmart website and fully drops on Wednesday, October 13, as an online-only collection.

Benches, couches, and a big hanging Egg Chair (!!!) that I wish to crawl into and nap inside immediately are all part of the new bougie-on-a-budget range, which I have no doubt will find its way into sharehouse courtyards, backyards, front verandahs, and balconies across the country in no time.

kmart new outdoor furniture rangeSeven-Piece Dining Set – $389

The whole range features 17 new pieces and two different ~moods~ or ~aesthetics~ or whatever you wish to call it – the coastal series with all lighter materials and white metals, and the sleek natural wood series with darker upholstery and metals offsetting the natural wood.

kmart new outdoor rangeCoastal Double Lounge $189, Single Chair $99, Table $39, Umbrella $49

It looks good as hell and I wish to own it all. I don’t have much outdoor space at the moment but I could make it work.

Back to the Egg Chair, simply because I’m deeply obsessed with it. It’s one of those tall hanging ones with a rattan-style finish and a couple of cushions to make it real comfy. Just bloody look at this thing and tell me it wouldn’t be perfect for having a gentle cocktail in or for a good reading sesh in the warm summer evenings.

kmart new outdoor rangeWoven Egg Chair – $249

I love it, and I wish to swing.

You’ll also spot some other little bits in the new Kmart outdoor furniture drop as well, like a matching ottoman for the wooden range, a little two-chair bistro table set, and a cute timber trolley for you to chuck all your drinks and whatever else on for easy access.

kmart new outdoor rangeTimber Tolley – $49

Gonna be thinking about that damn Egg Chair for a while, hey.