Here’s 12 Pairs Of Sick Slides If You Feel Like Letting The Dogs Loose This Summer

best slides
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Slides are a chic spring and summer wardrobe staple that can be worn almost anywhere. From lounging around at home to walking the dog, or even a quick trip to the shops. While we generally don’t condone putting your toes out there for free, being able to easily slide on a comfy sandal that doesn’t chafe between your toes is a blessing, especially when it’s also at the peak of fashion.

They’re easy to style and you can wear them with socks and sandals now for some extra-cosy dog action. There’s a huge variety of slide designs out there now, but here’s our list of the best (and comfiest) slides to step into for summer.

UGG Express Cloud Slippers

best slides

We love a good UGG boot for winter, but when the weather warms up, these UGG slides are our go-to for non-slip comfort. These slides also have built-in drainage holes so the dogs can breathe no matter how hot it gets. With a range of colours including green, pink, grey, white and black, the slides are easy to match to your outfit, which is perfect for when you’ve got to run to brunch on short notice.

Nike Calm Women’s Slides

Known for their post-workout foot relaxation, the Nike Calm Women’s slides are made of a comfy foam material that surrounds the foot, while the soles are made of rubber to stop slips while you’re walking around. The minimalist design features a small Nike tick logo on the side and a sleek design that doesn’t make your feet look big and chunky. Catch us wearing these with some thick, fluffy socks and our fave trackie dacks.

Birkenstock Arizona

best slides

Birkenstock sandals (the original ugly sandal) have been a fashion staple for decades, and that won’t be changing anytime soon. These slides are made super comfortable thanks to their contoured soles that are made from cork and lined with suede for a firm base with a velvety feel. The synthetic leather strap with the iconic Birkenstock buckle is easily recognisable anywhere and goes with almost any outfit for warm weather. Pair these classic shoes with a sun dresses, denim shorts or even some linen slacks for a chic spring look.

Crocs Crush Slides

Despite their design not resonating with the fashion of the 2010s (the height of dad fashion tbh), Crocs are now a comfy wardrobe staple that comes in a variety of designs and can be customised thanks to their Jibbitz Shoe Charms. The Crocs Crush Slides in particular are a great mashup of slides and the recognisable Crocs Clogs. Made of Croslite resin, these slides boast a two-inch platform that fits right in with the chunky shoe trend of 2023.

Dr Martens Blaire Slide Sandals

best slides

If you’ve ever wanted to put on a pair of Dr Martens without having to lace up boots past your ankles, you’re in luck. These Dr Marten’s slides are made with black leather and adorned with metal buckles to keep the grunge, streetwear aesthetic that the brand is known for. With a two-inch platform and EVA foam soles, these slide shoes will keep you comfy throughout the day. Even the goth girlies can enjoy a cool breeze between their toes.

Roxy Slippy Slides

These women’s slides are a blast from the past. You couldn’t go anywhere in Australia without seeing this exact tropical flower pattern on almost every accessory. The chokehold that the Roxy surf brand had on young Aussies was immense – especially when surfer culture was at its height. Thanks to Gen Z, it’s coming back in a huge way and, honestly, we’re ready for it.

Dazie Rosie Slides

best slides

Who said slides can’t be heels? Nobody. These women’s slides by Dazie are perfect for going from brunch to the bar thanks to their chunky platform heel and minimalist design. The leather-look synthetic material comes in cream and khaki to match your favourite outfits, or pink if you’re going for the Barbiecore vibes.

Puma Women’s Cool Cat 2.0 Sandals

These Puma sandals make it look like you’re actually very sporty, even if you’re not, and we’re living for the athleisure vibes. Not only that, but they’re also less chunky than a lot of other slides, so if you’re going for a more subtle look, they’re perfect. Imagine how cute your dogs would be in these slides with a matching pedicure.

Hoka One Ora Recovery Slides

Hoka are known for their running shoes, but they also make super comfy slides so you can relax your feet after an intense workout, or a long day. These sandals are made from sustainable sugarcane and EVA foam and feature ventilation holes for breathability and a moulded sole for extra support and comfort.

Polo Ralph Lauren Slide Sandals

best slides

These unisex Ralph Lauren sandals are sleek and low-key, perfect for grabbing the newspaper and sitting outside with a black coffee. They’re made from rubber and feature a wide strap to keep your feet secure. They also have the classic Ralph Lauren horse logo on the top, so they’re not super plain, but they’ll definitely go with that polo you’ve got stashed in your wardrobe for spring. Pair them with some chinos and you’ll be looking smart.

Rubi Rex Double Buckle Slide

We’re absolute suckers for a bargain, so you bet your bottom dollar we’re adding some dupes to this list. If the cozzie livs is ripping your Birkenstock dreams to shreds, Rubi has made its own version that looks just as good as the real thing. These ones also come in way more colours than original Birks, so you can make a rainbow in your shoe closet.

Ravella Splash

Speaking of dupes, if you’re a fan of the Adidas x Yeezy collection but don’t want to pay over $200 for a pair of sandals, these slides shoes from Ravella look exactly like the designer version. What we wouldn’t give to wiggle our toes around in a pair of these bad boys for the summer.

Image credit: Birkenstock / UGG Express