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Someone call the Clovers because I said brrrrr, it’s cold in here. The weather has turned and that means so now must your wardrobe. Goodbye, cute summer dressers. Hello, winter boots.

I’m not one of those people who makes liking winter their entire personality (gimme daylight savings and a non-freezing house, thanks), but I WILL say that cold weather dressing is the one perk of lower temperatures. Wearing cute tops without stressing about sweat patches? Never being concerned if it’s ~too muggy~ for jeans? Heaven.

The other night I was trying to find a new pair of heels and instead began lusting over all the new winter boots coming out right now. So I will now share with you, the lovely but anonymous reader, my finds so that you, too, can find some lush new winter boots.

(*My editor Josie insists that it’s not that cold yet, but I had to get my trackies out the other day for the first time in months, so who’s freezing cold now, huh?)

Billini ‘Pacey’ Boots

Plot twist: I already own these boots (available on The Iconic), but they’ve served me well for the 2.5 weeks I’ve owned them so far so I’d be a fool not to recommend them. They’re comfortable (especially for that 10.5cm heel), make your legs look a mile long, and they’re very, very affordable. We love.

Buy them: here for $99.95

Alias Mae ‘Rory’ Boots

At the top of my winter wish-list are the Alias Mae Rory boots, which come in a shiny or patent finish and feature the lace up detail of my dreams. You could stomp all through winter with not-quite-skinny-but-almost-there jeans tucked into them, or grab a pair of Kmart socks to peek out the top. Either way, it’s an instant injection of intimidatingly-cool-girl chic into your wardrobe.

Buy them: here for $289.95

James | Smith ‘Ortona Boot’

Everything about these – from the block heel to the rounded square toe to the little white detailing – screams instant style cred. These are the boots you pair with a flare pant to work on a Friday because obviously you’re going straight out afterwards. Or, on those unseasonably warm days we always get in Australia, with a cute floral dress, just to make it a little more edgy. Anyway, I love, and I’ve already made imaginary space for them in my wardrobe.

Buy them: here for $330

Spell ‘Evie Over Knee’ Boots

spell boots

A few years ago I bought a pair of cowboy boots from Aussie cult brand Spell and I’ve never regretted it for one second. These tan, tasselled, over-the-knee boots give me the same vibe. You won’t wear them every day, but when you do, it’ll change your life (and elevate your outfit to an 11/10). For the Spell fanatics out there, it will obviously go with the mini dress (or dresses) you already own, or for everyone else, wear them over the skinny jeans you still have and your fave graphic / band tee.

Buy them: here for $499.

ASOS Design ‘Simone’ Chunky Loafers with Daisies

Sometimes in the middle of a dark and dreary winter you need to put a little pep in your step. See: loafers embellished with daisies. I know florals are traditionally more of a spring vibe (wow, groundbreaking) than a winter one, but fashion rules are made to be broken and all that. Miranda Priestly who?

Buy them: here for $70.

Steve Madden ‘Tanga White’ Boots

steve madden boots

These boots are for anyone who’s entire wardrobe is based around a pair of white sneakers. As a white sneaker enthusiast myself, I get it! They elevate an outfit! But sometimes you need to branch out of your sneaker cave and into something a little more sturdy (plus a little more edge). I give you: white combat boots. These Steve Madden ones have a 4cm platform for extra height, and are quilted to give it that luxe, extra feel.

Buy them: here for $159.95

Rubi ‘Max Combat’ Boots

Cotton On’s shoe brand Rubi is one of the best options out there for on-trend, affordable as hell shoes, so if you’re on a budget for winter boots – get over here, bb. There’s heaps of options but I’m very partial to these vegan-friendly combat boots, which are a vibe and a half.

Buy them: here for $69.99

AllSaints ‘Katy’ Lace-Up Boots


These AllSaints boots (available on ASOS) are the boots you put off buying because they’re a liiiiittle bit pricy, then say ‘fuck it’ one day and hit purchase. Then they arrive, and they’re better than you imagined, and you get a huge thrill every time you wear them from for the next 10 years. I’m completely making this up, because I’ve never splashed this much on boots, but it’s how I imagine that would go. I’ve already imagined wearing these boots with about 10 different outfits, so watch me hit ‘add to bag’ in 3, 2, 1….

Buy them: here for $458 (or $343.50 if you get in while ASOS’s 25% off sale is still on)

Crocs ‘Winter Puff’ Boot

I live in the not-too-warm, not-too-cold climate of Sydney, where our winters require a puffy jacket over your jeans. But if you live in the coldest of cold climates (Tasmania, probably), then you might need something a little bit…. extra. Crocs (yes, Crocs, they’re cool now, shut up) do these winter puffy boots to keep your toes snug. They’re made from rubber, so you’re protected from a little bit of slush, and are comfy like sneakers. Win-win.

Buy them: here for $89.99

ITNO Grunge Boots

ankle boots

Talk about stomping – ITNO, Platypus Shoes’ brand, has this pair of military detailed grunge boots that go so hard, you’ll press through the floor. The platform and it’s magic-trick of making your legs look longer and ass a little perkier doesn’t hurt, either.

Buy them: here for $169.99.