14 Of The Best Pairs Of Jeans To Shop In 2024 If Your Denim Is In Desperate Need Of An Update

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I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m shopping for the best women’s jeans, it always seems to result in some kind of trauma. You know, the kind that only really bad change room lighting can cause. It feels like I’m always lugging a rack full of different cuts and colourways to try on in the dimly lit change room only to find out they all look like shit and have a little cry about it.

Otherwise, if I buy them online, I wind up getting every pair on the website in three different sizes only to return them all days after they arrive because none of them fit. However, when I do strike gold, and find the perfect pair of jeans — the pair that fits just right, makes your butt look good and goes with almost every top and jacket combo you own — I buy them in every shade, so I can avoid this whole ordeal for another three to five years.

The good news is that I’m here today to make our painstaking shared experience a little more bearable by doing some of the legwork for you. I’ve made it my mission to hunt down some of the best pairs of women’s jeans — from mom jeans and straight legs, boot cuts, skinny jeans and flares —and even crowd-sourced a few recommendations from my colleagues and friends on the Internet. You’re welcome!

The Best Women’s Jeans You Can Buy in Australia

Best overall

Levi’s 501 Original Jeans

Size range: 23-34 (+ 26-76 in length)
Price: $159.95
Colours: white through to dark blue denim
Why people rate ’em: The Levi 501’s take out our top spot for best overall jeans. Not only do they offer an inclusive size range, but they also come in six different lengths for people of all heights. Round that out with the high quality, and great colour range, and you’ve got the best overall jeans on the internet — in our opinions, anyway.

Best jeans for plus sizes

Commonry The Mid Rise Slim Jean

Size range: 08-22
Price: $129.95
Colours: light and dark blue denim
Why people rate ’em: The good folks over at Commonry make good quality, size-inclusive denim for sizes eight through to 22. You can also choose from a range of flattering cuts and colourways.

best women's jeans

Best jeans for tall women

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean

Size range: 23-33
Price: $232
Colours: light blue, dark denim, vintage denim and white.
Why people rate ’em: Madewell actually does petite, standard, tall and taller cuts of jeans. Which means, to all my tall girlies, they’ve got you.

Best jeans petite jeans

Nobody Denim Frankie Jean Petite

Size range: 23-32
Price: $249
Colours: dark blue denim, light blue denim, black
Why people rate ’em: Designed and made in Melbourne, Nobody does damn good denim — especially if you’re a petite girlie. They’ve got six different petite styles and colourways to choose from.

best women's jeans

Best super-high-waisted

Abrand Jeans 94 High Slim

Size range: 5-16
Price: $64.98 (usually $129.95)
Colours: Various black and blue denim
Why people rate ’em: If you love a super high-waisted cut, these Abrand Jeans are an excellent choice. “These were perfect the moment I slipped them on, no wearing in needed,” says Alex.

Best mom jeans

Neuw Lola Mom Jeans

Size range: 24-32
Price: $179.95
Colours: Various black, blue and white denim
Why people rate ’em: If you’re on a quest for the best mom jeans, Neuw’s got you. The Lola Mom Jeans come in eight different shades of denim and are comfy as fuck, according to Bree, P.TV’s E-Commerce Editor (lol, me). “These are some of the comfiest mom jeans I own. I literally won’t get out of them all winter. Chuck on some high-heeled boots or platform sneakers and you’re good.”

best women's jeans

Best straight-leg jeans

COS The Column Jeans

Size range: 24-32
Price: $150
Colours: Various black, blue and white denim
Why people rate ’em: If you’ve never considered COS for jeans, you should. These straight-leg jeans come in six different shades of denim ranging from white and light blue to dark denim and black wash. They’re also good quality denim and reasonably priced.

Best slim-leg jeans

Size range: 24-32
Price: $135
Colours: From light to dark blue denim
Why people rate ’em: Apparently, these slim-cut jeans from & Oher Stories are everything you could want from a pair of staple denim jeans. Made from premium quality denim, they’re a high waist, full-length, slim leg fit that comes in four shades of denim — dark mid blue, dusty light blue, bright blue and black.

best women's jeans

Best skinny-leg jeans

Ksubi Spray On Jet Black

Size range: 23-34
Price: $189.95
Colours: Light blue, dark blue and black denim
Why people rate ’em: Very appropriately named the Spray On jeans, Ksubi’s skinny jeans are the kind you would have worn during your emo phase back in high school. Vibes all round.

Best wide-leg/baggy jeans

Cotton On Super Baggy Jean

Size range: 4-24
Price: $48.99 (usually $69.99)
Colours: acid wash grey, light blue, dark blue denim, faded leg blue and mid-blue denim.
Why people rate ’em: “They’re the perfect fit on the waist and legs. I feel cool fashion girlie chic when I wear them,” says Georgia. “I second these Cotton On ones.” says Rach, “I’ve had a million compliments and everyone always thinks they’re expensive jeans.”

best women's jeans

Best flared jeans

Rollas East Coast Flares

Size range: XS-XL
Price: $118.96 (usually $169.95)
Colours: Blue denim, black, white and cord.
Why people rate ’em: According to Pia, the Rollas East Coast Flares, will make your ass look phenomenal! That’s the kind of endorsement we needed.

Best boot-cut jeans

Wrangler Classic Mid Waist Boot Cut Jean

Size range: 6-20 (long, short and regular lengths)
Price: $99.95
Colours: light, dark, and mid-blue denim
Why people rate ’em: You can thank Bella Hadid for these babies coming back into fashion. While we’re not ready to venture into low-waisted jeans just yet, these mid-rise bootlegs are a great choice.

best women's jeans

Best distressed jeans

One Teaspoon Billie Low Slung Straight Leg Mid-Waist Jeans

Size range: 22-34
Price: $170
Colours: Mid-blue washed denim,
Why people rate ’em: One Teaspoon are famous for its distressed denim, so it only makes sense that they take out the crown for best distressed jeans.

Best low-waisted jeans

Glassons Low Rise Straight Leg Jean

Size range: 6-14
Price: $59.99
Colours: From light denim all the way through to black (six shades)
Why people rate ’em: A lot of shoppers rate these low-waisted women’s jeans from Glassons, they’re both comfortable and affordable. “My favourite pair of white jeans. I get so many compliments on these and [I was] surprised by the fit considering they are low-rise. They sit perfectly on your hips,” says Aysha.

best women's jeans

That’s all we’ve got for the best women’s jeans on the internet, but if you wanna buy some boots to go with them jeans, head here.

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