8 Pairs Of Jeans That Aren’t Skinny Legs Now TikTokers Have Declared Them Deeply Uncool

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Did you hear? Gen Z have declared skinny jeans uncool. To be fair, skinny jeans have been on the way out for a while, but now that Gen Z kids on TikTok have declared them for ‘old people only’ (a.k.a. the over 30s), skinny jeans are definitely moving to the bottom of my rotation pile. My biggest fear is having cool teens laugh at me and I will NOT entice them with denim that schlucks to my skin like an oversized condom.

Now, I’m not saying you should donate your skinny jeans to the nearest op shop. Fashion is cyclical, tossing clothes on a whim is wasteful, and you never know when you’ll be required to go to a 2010s-themed party.

@amelie_coleman_Okay we all had a skinny jeans phase but I love my baggy jeans♬ This is not my sound – Mikaela

But I am saying you might want to expand your denim collection. If you’ve been living in skinny jeans since before you started using retinols, then it might be time to cram them gams into a pair of straight leg, mom jeans, flares, or even baggy jeans – the highest rung in the fashion risk ladder. Pull these bad boys off and you might as well ask people to call you Bella, because you’re Had-it. (Sorry if that joke is lame, but I am over 30 so the TikTok teens already think I don’t exist.)

Anyway! Here’s a few ideas. Break out of your comfort scene! Fly free! Stay out past 9.30pm on a school night! (But only till like 10.15 because that 10-step skincare routine won’t do itself and your hangovers last three fucking days now.)

Rolla’s Eastcoast Flare Crop

I may or may not be ordering these as soon as payday comes around (four days, HURRY UP). Rolla’s consistently make the jeans I wear repeatedly because they’re flatting and comfy, which it the denim holy grail. Get you some high rise jeans that make your ass look like Bella Hadid‘s (sorta) and come in a super soft denim, then pair them with every floaty top and/or white tee in your wardrobe. Heaven.

Buy them: here for $139.

RE/DONE – Originals 80s Slim Straight

revolve jeans

I’m a sucker for whatever trendy people are wearing, so given these are on Revolve’s best seller list, I have to assume they’re popular for reasons beyond ‘looking hot on the model’. They’re from LA-based brand RE/DONE, so have that 80s upcycled vibe that pair amazingly with whichever pair of white sneakers you haven’t wrecked yet.

Buy them: here for $393.22

Neuw Denim – Lola Mom Zero Uptown


First of all, I love how ‘mom jeans’ are still called that even in Australia, where we say ‘mum’. Some things just radiate ‘mom’ energy, and high waisted, straight-legged, slightly cropped jeans you could totally see on Winona Ryder in any late 80s movie ever are mom jeans. These ones, from Neuw Denim, are designed to be that early 90s aesthetic (the mom jeans trend spanned two decades, okay?) and will go with literally everything you already own.

Buy them: here for $179.95.

Levi’s – High Loose Jeans

Girls who can pull off the ultra baggy jean are an untouchable breed to me. They are the coolest girl in the room. They probably had a mullet last year, but are letting it grow out because it’s becoming passé now, and their friend-slash-former lover who usually cuts their hair is off shooting something for Vogue now, anyway. Wait, what was I saying? BAGGY JEANS. They’re back in a big way, like it’s the 90s or something.

Buy them: here for $149.95. (Actually, they’re 15% off at the moment!)

Glassons – Mid Rise Asymmetric Jean

The other trend I see on all the cool teens on TikTok but am WAY too intimidated to try is the asymmetric jean. See that off-centre zipper? That’s not a mistake. It’s high-key on trend (I’ve def seen a few Sydney influencers rocking them), so you can make everyone think you’re like 80% more fashionable this entire winter by jamming your hams into them.

Buy them: here for $59.99.

Everlane – The Way-High Jean

Everlane jeans are cult for a reason: they’re consistently flattering, comfortable, and the brand is super transparent about the factories in which each style is made. The Way-High jean is its newest pair, which is designed to “accentuate your true waist, give you legs for days, and hold you in”, which is really all I’ve ever asked for from a pair of jeans. The earlier reviews on site are bloody glowing.

Buy them: here for $115.

Nudie Jeans – Clean Eileen Jeans

These bad boys have a v. feminine wide-legged silhouette and still let you show off your new pair of ankle boots. I found them by searching on the Glue Store website, which just launched a ‘Future Choice’ tag to some of its wares, which tells you how sustainable, vegan-friendly or Australian-owned each piece is. For example, these ones are 100% organic cotton and Fairtrade sewn, so check bloody check.

Buy them: here for $249.

G-Star Raw – The Deck Ultra-High Wide Leg Jeans

G Star Raw

If you’re gonna go big, why not go huge? (That’s a saying, right?) G-Star Raw only released its new ultra-wide leg and high wast jean this month, which is made from organic cotton and a biodegradable stretch material. It’s 100% recyclable, baby. What’s good for your ass is also good for the planet.

Buy them: here for $200.