45 Tennis-Core Outfits If You’ve Seen Zendaya’s Challengers & Now Desperately Want To Serve

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Between the ‘quiet luxury‘ trend, the steamy new tennis flick, Challengers, and large-scale tennis events like the Australian Open and Wimbledon, the Tennis-core aesthetic seems to be taking over our screens and the internet. Shows like Break Point and the rise of ‘tennis girlfriends‘ on TikTok have sparked a new interest in the sport. From tennis skirts and dresses, to shoes and accessories, it looks like the white pleats are here to stay.

While tennis-inspired outfits have more of a summer vibe, I think we can pull off the look over here in the Australian winter. Think woollen sweaters, knee-high socks, and cute stockings under a pleated tennis skirt. You could even go for a pleated trousers option with a polo shirt and vest — perfect for the cooler weather. And if you’re stuck with ideas on how to style tennis-core for the winter season, there’s a heap of ideas on Pinterest, with the search ‘tennis aesthetic’ up by 15 per cent.

So, if you’re looking for tennis-inspired ‘fits, look no further because we’ve gone and rounded up some of the cutest skirts, shorts, dresses, shoes and accessories that’ll have you absolutely serving.

Best Tennis Skirts

A good quality tennis skirt is basically a wardrobe staple this season. You can pair them with a chunky cable knit or an oversized collared shirt and blazer combo with some knee-high boots and some stockings for a chic off-court look.

Best Tennis Skorts

Skorts are no longer the rejected item of clothing piling up at the back of school uniform shops. These versatile pieces not only look chic, but also feel great to wear thanks to the added modesty. Plus, no chafe.

Best Activewear Dresses

If you have to run to the gym after work, activewear dresses are your new best friend. One of these babies can take you from day to night in an instant, too. Also, a lot of them also come with built-in shorts so you don’t need to worry about the wind blowing up your dress.

Best Tennis-Core Outfits

When it comes to tennis-core, retro vibes, stripes and big logos are key. This is also where you can start to play with quiet luxury looks using gold jewellery and watches.

Best Tennis Shoes

Comfort is everything in this space. Whether you’re dressing up or down, a pair of flats or chunky sneakers will take you far. If you’re opting for the less-sporty version of tennis-core, a pair of loafers or mary-janes are a great pick.

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