Zendaya Was Spotted Thrift Shopping In Newtown Because She Is A Woman Of ~Culture~


Zendaya, queen of my heart and also Tom Holland‘s, was spotted op shopping at a vintage store in… Newtown. I was going to make a joke about her Sydney friends absolutely failing her, when I remembered that this is Zendaya — you know, who can actually afford the second hand clothing economy in Sydney’s inner west. Imagine.

Ah, Newtown. Beloved for it’s queer-friendly venues, trendy book shops, wide array of vegan restaurants, and funky vintage clothing collections — though that last one might not be as exciting to people with bank accounts like you or me.

You see, anyone who has ever thrifted clothes in Sydney knows that the closer to the inner west you are, the more expensive the second hand fare. It’s like the Newtown tax.

Are these prices justified? I can’t say. What I can say, however, is you will never catch me op shopping in the Depop-ified inner west.

However, Zendaya had a grand old time exploring all the suburb has to offer.

The Dune star, who is in Australia to promote her horny new tennis flick Challengers, was spotted visiting vintage clothing shop Irreplaceable Store over the Easter long weekend, much to the shock of regular punters.

The store posted an image of her to its Instagram account, and the comments are full of people who regret not being there at the same time.

Ummm HELLO??!?!! Image: Instagram / Irreplaceable Store.

“I missed Zendaya??????????” one devastated shopper wrote.

“I can’t believe she was in Newtown of all places,” lamented another.

“As if I just missed this haha,” said a third.

Zendaya, if you read this, hit me up — Newtown is great but please, let me introduce to to the more reasonably priced op shops in Rockdale (also famously the home of the Sydney sinkhole. So much to see!).