The Zendaya-Led Challengers Press Tour Is Already Proving To Be A Horny, Chaotic Dream


Zendaya‘s horny tennis flick Challengers — which also stars Mike Faist and Josh O’Connorpremiered in Sydney on Wednesday and despite the press tour only just kicking off, the interviews are already proving to be an absolute delight.

After Barbie last year, I thought no press tour could compete — but then we were treated with the Madame Web chaos earlier this year, and then Anne Hathaway‘s gorgeous The Idea Of You junket snippets graced our screens and proved she’s always been THAT girl.

So it seems that despite my trepidations, press tours are indeed so back — and Challengers is no exception, not just because of the ridiculous chemistry between its stars, but because of the way Zendaya is absolutely serving, too.

The Dune star appeared at Challenger‘s Sydney premiere on Wednesday in a shimmering green gown that (get this) represented a tennis court — complete with the shadows of a raised arm holding a tennis racquet and a tennis ball. You know, to mimic the silhouettes you see on an actual tennis court!!!!

UMMMMMM!!!!!! Image: Don Arnold/Getty.

The dress is giving major Margot Robbie in Barbie vibes. Her red carpet looks were all elaborate nods to the film. Dare I hope we will see similar levels of attention to detail with Zendaya’s outfit in the Challengers press tour?

I think we might, given the gorgeous tennis-inspired ‘fit Zendaya wore in her interview with ABC’s 7.30, and her history of incredibly intricate lewks.

In the interview, Zendaya, Mike and Josh were accidentally named in the wrong order by the interviewer (it was rectified immediately, don’t worry), and of course the gang had a field day with it. They pretended to meet for the first time and shaking hands with their new personas.

The whole thing was giving besties vibes, and was honestly reminiscent of the junkets we would get in the early days of Stranger Things — or day I say, One Direction.

It’s giving golden trio!!!

The actual interview was gorgeous too, with Zendaya discussing how Challengers perplexes her even after having starred in it.

“I think I’m still confused,” she said.

“I think every time I watch it, I’m like, ‘What?’ I question their decisions, I’m wondering why they make the choices that they make. And I think that’s what’s so fascinating about it. Every time I watch I empathise with a different character.”

When discussing the intimacy of the characters in the film, Josh said that — despite the plentiful sex scenes — “arguably the most intimate the three of them is just when they’re on the tennis court.”

Consider me sold.

The trio’s The Project interview was equally iconic, and by iconic I mean a lot more chaotic.

The three discussed their IRL friendship (“everybody really had each other’s backs”) and the bro code (please enjoy watching Mike and Josh visibly cringe), and of course, acting in the actual film.

“We worked really hard at trying to look like tennis players. And Mike does look like a tennis player. He won’t admit it, but he was the best,” Josh said about their surprisingly accurate portrayal of the sport.

“I just did it with a prayer.”

Honestly, relatable. He’s so real for that.

You can watch the whole thing below:

Off the back of these two interviews, with the sheer amount of good vibes Zendaya, Mike and Josh bring to the table, I suspect we’re in for a really fun press tour.

Perfectly timed for those who need a new hyper-fixation.

Challengers will hit the big screen on April 18.