Tom Holland Has Addressed Zendaya Breakup Rumours After Some Shady Social Media Activity

After a seemingly turbulent few months, we finally have (some) clarity over the current relationship status of acting power couple Tom Holland and Zendaya.

After a seemingly turbulent few months, we finally have (some) clarity over the current relationship status of power couple Tom Holland and Zendaya.

While out and about in Los Angeles, a photographer from TMZ managed to extract an update from Spider-Man himself.

When asked if he and Zendaya had parted ways, Holland reportedly responded, “No, absolutely not”.

Alarm bells have been ringing in the ears of many fans recently, with many deducing from various “clues” that the duo had split.

For starters, Zendaya recently unfollowed literally everyone on her Instagram account where she currently has 184 million followers.

Suppose for a second they have broken up.

The argument could be made that Zendaya unfollowed everyone to give her an excuse for unfollowing Tom. Therefore, gifting her a heaped spoonful of plausible deniability.

TMZ has also reported that she and Holland haven’t been spotted out in public since October 25. That’s two and a half months. Years in Hollywood terms!

On the other hand, there is also precedent for actors unfollowing their partners to promote a film.

Blake Lively briefly unfollowed her husband Ryan Reynolds in 2018 while promoting A Simple Favour and Zendaya does have a new flick coming out soon called Challengers.

On the flip side, Holland still follows Zendaya.

Now, he could’ve muted her Posts and Stories while still technically staying followed, but there’s definitely no nail in the relationship’s coffin to be found here.

According to insiders who spoke to TMZ, the two supposedly spent New Year’s Eve together.

Of course, there’s no public proof of this on social media, but it’s the best info we have for now.

Holland and Zendaya first went Instagram official with their relationship in September 2021 after playing Spider-Man and Mary Jane in the latest Spider-Man films.

“My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Give me a call when you’re up xxx,” Holland wrote in the Instagram caption of a cute-ass pic of the two of them.

From then on, the couple seemed to be rock-solid, doing talk-shows together and just generally having a blast.

Consider our fingers crossed.

Photo by Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images for Bulgari & Xavi Torrent/Getty Images.