The RAT Shortage Is Truly Over Bc A Swarm Of Ratatouilles Was Just Spotted In A Syd Chemist

chemist warehouse newtown rats video

As if we needed any further proof that our RAT shortage was well and truly over, a swarm of Ratatouilles was spotted hoarding goods in a Sydney chemist on the weekend.

Jack works on Australia St in Newtown. He told PEDESTRIAN.TV he and his coworkers claimed they had seen rats from the windows of the Chemist Warehouse store in Newtown.

He and his mates then walked past the store on late Saturday night and caught the squeaky squad running amock inside. He shared vids of the underground rat rave with local Insta meme page Newtown Affirmations.

At least five rats were seen running through the aisles. Two of them appeared to be eating “some sort of chemical out of a tube”. A few others appeared to be making a B-line for the skincare because that shit ain’t cheap.

Another thieving rodent ran past the store’s entrance inside. He appeared to be holding a piece of cheese. Not a joke, just a fact.

Jack said he didn’t realise the store’s rat problem was this “extreme” until a few weeks ago. He noticed the store had allegedly set up little basket barricades inside to apparently block the view of the rats.

“[Then] last night at approximately 1:41 am we were confronted with these horrific scenes,” he said.

“Boxes strewn along the floor of the (mostly still visible) aisles, numerous rats frolicking amidst the pharmaceutical products, scampering back and forth in a blurred frenzy with little bricks of unknown material between their salivating maws.

“The truth of King St Chemist Warehouse was revealed in full glory to all,” he joked.

“Animal testing has never been seen like this before.”

Ah Newtown, never change. It wouldn’t be Sydney’s inner west without having an unintentional pet rat named Nevil under your fridge. And the same applies here.

It was not clear whether management at the store knew about the alleged rat infestation or if it planned to do anything about it. PEDESTRIAN reached out to the Chemist Warehouse’s Newtown store for comment but they did not reply at the time of publishing.