14 Pairs Of Ugg Boots And Slippers To Keep Your Little Piggies Toasty This Winter

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Ugg boots are the quintessential Australian slipper. Just because our summers are hot, doesn’t mean our winters aren’t absolutely freezing, which means having a pair of Uggs is a must.

So as the cool weather creeps in, it’s time to stash the slides and get yourself a new pair of slippers. Whether your old ones are a bit ratty, you’re trying to stay on top of the latest slipper fashion, or you just want to treat yourself, getting a new pair of fluffy, comfy uggs.

Of course, we had to go deep into the sauce and find the best ugg boots and slippers for winter this year. How else would our gorgeous, gorgeous readers keep their little piggies warm? Okay, enough yapping, let’s get into it!

The Best Ugg Boots and Slippers to Shop in 2024

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platform

Of course, we’re kicking things off with the pair Bella Hadid was wearing when she single-handedly revived the cosy trend. The comfy slip-ons are a reworked version of Ugg’s classic women’s boot, featuring a lower-cut ankle and a hefty two-inch outsole to stomp around on.

Ugg Classic Ultra Mini

If huge platforms aren’t really your vibe, these women’s Ugg Classic Ultra Minis will keep you a bit closer to the ground.

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FINE-DAY Cloud Adult Sheepskin Slippers

These slippers are made in Melbourne from curly Australian sheepskin and are cozy on the inside and out.

Australian Shepherd Ugg Platform Chelsea Boots

The classic Chelsea boot meets the Ugg boot in this cosy and practical combo. These boots will also look great whether you’re relaxing inside or running errands.

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EMU Australia Joy Teddy

As a material, teddy wool is loved for its warmth and aesthetics, and having a pair of slippers covered in it sounds like pure bliss.

UGG Classic Platform Pop Sketch

These artsy platform Ugg boots were made in collaboration with Humberto Cruz, a San Diego-based artist whose art pops with colour and life.

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UGG Tazz

The Tazz is UGG’s new take on the classic Tasman boot, but this time, with a bolder platform sole.

EMU Australia Platinum Mintaro

These wooly wonders come in tan, grey and black, and are short enough that you won’t get too hot in them if you tend to overheat.

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Ozwear Ugg Adele Elastic Platform Slipper

In our opinion, you can definitely wear these clouds out of the house. They look more like a fluffy pair of sandals than they do house slippers.


Hear me out. These fuzzy women’s Ugg boots look like something the Abominable Snowman would wear while skiing, and that sounds like a good fashion trend to me.

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Australian Shepherd Popo Moccasin Slipper

While slippers are convenient to take on and off, sometimes you want something that will keep your feet a little more secure. Enter, the moccasin. These snuggly shoes are sure to keep your toesies warm.

Australian Shepherd Short Classic Wool Ugg Boots

You really can’t go wrong with a traditional pair of ugg boots. If you don’t wanna go full The Hills Y2k with a tan pair, you could always pick up a coloured pair like these ones from Ugg Express.

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Hush Puppies Puffstar

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These bad boys are like mini puffer jackets for your feet.

AusWooli Sydney Sheepskin Wool Slippers

Imagine sliding your tootsies into these Sheepskin Wool Slippers every morning?! Offt, talk about toasty.

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Image credit: UGG