Macca’s Is Handing Out Free Nugget UGGs (Nuggies!) But They’re Available For Just One McDay

mcdonald's nugget ugg boots nugget uggs

When the cold seasons strike and the winds become icy, there is no greater strength to turn to than the mighty UGG boot. But what if said UGG boot looked like a McDonald’s nugget? Why the fuck not, I say.

Macca’s is bringing their aptly titled Nuggies to the people (that’s us) via a giveaway that’s only gonna be open for six whole hours. The good news is the Nuggies could be yours for a total cost of $0 dollarydoos. The bad news is if you miss out on entering, you can kiss those dreams of warm boots coloured like some deep-fried chicken goodbye.

According to a Macca’s press release the boots are also the texture of nuggets which has me baffled. Are you telling me that the boots will be crumbling and crispy with a slightly salty taste? I have a smooth brain with zero wrinkles, I need to know if this is a joke or not.

The Nuggies will also be delivered to you in a giant sauce tub, which is iconic.

Screw the Nuggies, winter is almost over. I want that giant tub. I need that giant tub!!

To enter the giveaway all you’ll need to do is head on over to the Macca’s site anywhere between 10am and 4pm on September 6.

A six-hour window of time? On September 6? Friends, we are one six away from the mark of the beast. Fitting, because the alluring call of Macca’s nugs has a devilish hold on me after a massive night out.

“We are excited to bring Nuggies to life — combining two iconic Aussie favourites that are perfect for a comfy night in,” said McDonald’s Senior Brand Manager Liz Whitbread in a press release.

“Set your alarm and be quick for your chance to get your hands on a pair!”

The giveaway is only open to Aussies aged 18 or over so don’t think you can pull a fast one by getting your younger siblings to enter for you.

I’ll see you on September 6 with the other UGG boot lovers on the Macca’s website.

Catch me in the club rocking the Nuggies with a giant fur coat. Yes, there will be a ten-pack of nuggets in the inside pocket.