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Well folks, it’s offical. Summer is over and the wild wild wet is well and truly here. If you’ve rocked up at the office completely drenched or had your weekend outfit ruined then you’re in desperate need of one thing – a rain jacket.

This item of clothing probably conjures terrifying images of school excursions or little Georgie from It – neither of which are particularly inspiring. While it seems impossible to look chic in wet weather, we promise there’s raincoats out there that’ll keep you dry and have you look good doing it. We have everything from poncho-style jackets to puffy ones, long ones and short ones – you get the gist.

Even people who swore they’d never own a raincoat will likely be persuaded by this fabulous lineup. It’s time to throw one on, strap on your wellie boots and go splash around in the puddles like the big grown-up you are. Go on, we know you want to.

Everlane The ReNew Poncho, $142

ASOS Curve Lightweight Parka, $80

G-Star RAW Fishtail Parka, $400 

Revolve Pacifica Jacket, $837.71

Marks & Spencer Waterproof Longline Parka, $215

Lorna Jane Luxe Oversized Anorak, $180

Superdry Long Sleeved Essentials 4 In 1 Jacket, $149

Gorman Tiger Queen Rain Jacket, $99

ASOS Curve Longline Parka, $80

Everlane The ReNew Anorak, $98

JCREW Monroe Hood Parka, $159

Lululemon Hood Lite Rain Jacket, $149

Glassons Oversized Anorak, $69.99

Quicksilver Mens Original Oversized Parka, $139.99

Rains Trekker Jacket, $280

The North Face Venture 2 Jacket, $220

Rains W Jacket, $190

Volcom Hernan 5K Jacket, $150

By now you’re almost certainly convinced that owning a rain jacket is the best decision you’ll make in 2021. Don’t be that person who rocks up to work wearing see-through clothing because you thought you could outrun the rain. Take the jacket my friends, and never look back.

At PEDESTRIAN.TV, we independently choose and write about stuff we love and think you’ll froth too. We have affiliate partnerships so we might get a bit of money from any purchase you make based on our recs, cool? Cool. FYI - prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of posting.
Image: Missguided/Everlane