6 Dog Coats For Your Pup Bc The Only Breed That Should Be Shaking This Winter Is A Chihuahua

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Furriends, welcome. If you’re here, you probably have a lil pooch at home who’s currently shaking like a chihuahua (or is a chihuahua). Like the good, responsible paw-rent that you are, you might be in the market for some adorable dog coats and jackets that’ll keep ’em nice and toasty.

Whether you own a greyhound who would look like a supermodel in a turtleneck or a little Frenchie that just needs some extra padding in the colder months, there’s a lot to consider instead of just grabbing whichever one you think is the cutest.

Think for a moment what type of coat your dog has. Floofy breeds, such as a Pomeranian or a Shih Tzu (bless you), are bred for colder climates and typically have an undercoat that helps to keep them warm.

Sure, they’ll resemble a pompom if you dress them in a little jacket, but you’re more likely to overheat the poor things. In this scenario, choose a lighter garment that will still give them that added layer of warmth, but is unlikely to cause discomfort.

Short-haired breeds like dachshunds and whippets, or senior dogs, tend to feel the chill more. If you notice any shaking/shivering, a hunched over posture, whining, barking and/or it’s attempting to keep its paws off the ground, your dog needs a coat, stat.

You’ll also want to keep in mind your dog’s lifestyle. There’s no point investing in a woollen jumper if you take your dog out for a walk in the rain. They’ll just end up more cold and wet! And nobody like a wet dog smell. So make sure you keep a waterproof option handy for the days when you do brave the harsh weather together. Your pup will thank you (as will your nose).

Now, I promise, no more pet puns – it’s all business as usual from here on out. Here are the best dog coats and jackets we’ve spotted that will keep your little fur baby as snug as a bug on a rug.

The best dog coats and jackets to buy in Australia

Dog Oodie

Dog coats

I live in my Oodie from the moment the weather starts to get a bit chilly.

I almost felt sorry for all the puppos in the world that had to wander around Oodie-less, until I found out that the dogs have their very own line of pooch-sized wearable blankets. Run, don’t walk on your way to grab your matching set.

PetBarn All Day Check Quilted Dog Coat

Dog coats

Maybe I’m a sucker for a lumberjack vibe, but I can’t help but froth this adorable little flannel look that this good boy is flaunting. Available in XS to XXL, I kinda want one for myself.

Sherpa Dog Oodie

Remember when teddy bear jackets were a thing?! Well, it looks like Oodie’s bringing ’em back for your precious pooches with these oh-so-snuggly button-up dog jackets.

As Gretchen in Mean Girls would say, that’s so fetch.


I used to have a dog that was terrified of thunderstorms. In fact, the poor guy used to duck for cover under our BBQ of all places, instead of retreating into his nice and warm kennel whenever they came. For years, I used to feel bad that there was nothing I could do to ease his stress, until I discovered these.

Thundershirts are a tight, vest-like jacket that you can put on your dog the moment they sense a storm is on its way. It gently hugs your dog and applies pressure that helps soothe their anxiety, much like a weighted blanket. Hm, I wonder if they make human-sized ones.

Kazoo Reversible Dog Puffer Coat

Dog coats

When I see rain, I know I need to pull out ye olde puffer jacket, a true Aussie winter staple. And what luck that puffer jackets are quickly becoming popular with the canine community too.

Not only is this particular puffer jacket reversible, so you can swap between red and blue, but it also deflects rain to keep your pooch nice and dry.

Huskimo Frenchknit Jumper for dogs

Dog coats

It doesn’t get any cuter than this cable knit jumper, folks. The dog above looks like a little nana, nothing but cosy vibes. I just wanna wrap myself up in a throw blanket with a steaming cup of hot choccie and give her a lil cuddle. It’s what she deserves.

Image Credit: Type A Films