8 Of The Best Doonas To Burrito Up In This Winter Or When You’re Scat On A Sunday

best doonas quilts australia
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Hands in the air if every time winter rolls around, you immediately reassess whether your current doona will get you through the next few months. Cue frantically searching online for the best doonas, comforters, quilts, or whatever you want to call ’em. Just don’t ever say “duvet” in our presence.

Like the poor plebs we are, we used to think that polyester doonas were the only thing that existed, but recently our world has expanded. It turns out there are heaps of different types of quilts out there.

So after making do with a polyester doona for frankly far too long (we don’t want to say how long, because it’s gross), we’re sure many of you are in the same boat and are looking to level up and buy something new that isn’t covered in drool stains — or worse.

Anyway, here are a bunch of the best doonas and quilts in Australia.

The Best Doonas and Quilts in Australia

Best Overall Doona: Emma Sleep

What you’re going to love most about the Emma Sleep All Season’s Duvet, aside from its coziness, is that it’s machine washable. So if you own a furr baby, or enjoy a little Netflix and snacks in bed, you can always clean up after the messes.

Best Down Doona: Bonny

Down quilts are, undoubtedly, controversial. However, Bonny, a Melbourne-based company specialises in down doonas that are sourced in the most ethically responsible way. These guys ensure a standard that doesn’t involve any animal cruelty and doesn’t come from birds that have been force-fed for the foie gras industry.

The Winter quilt will keep you perfectly toasty, especially if the cozzie livs are forcing you to live without a heater in your cold, dark, sharehouse. But if you’re someone who overheats easily, you can always swap to the All-Rounder or Summer quilt.

best doona quilt in australia

Best Cheap Doona: Anko

Who doesn’t love a Kmart bargain? We can confirm that if you’re someone who just wants an affordable doona without all the fancy bits and bobs, this is it.

It’s an all-season doona so if you’re lazy like us, you don’t have to bother changing it over when winter ends.

Best Expensive Doona: Sheridan

We’re big fans of a wool doona. While you might think that wool would be too hot to be an all-season doona, it turns out that it’s actually super adaptable. It regulates your body temperature, so you’ll likely find this super warm on colder nights, but not sweaty on the warmer ones where you still need a quilt because it weirdly gets freezing at 3am.

If you’re in a chilly climate Sheridan also has a Super Warm version, which is probably your best bet for winter.

best doona quilt in australia

Best Wool Doona: Minijumbuk

The Minijumbuk everyday wool quilt can only be described as the perfect all-rounder. From being applicable to all and every season (even the hottest of QLD summers to the cold single-digit degree winter nights), it does what it says on the box, which is regulating body temperature throughout the seasons.

In addition to this, the weight of the quilt is the perfect mix between providing enough heaviness to feel luxurious, but not heavy enough to make you feel like your chest is being compressed. It also perfectly fills out a quilt cover and leaves the bed looking lush.

Best Bamboo Doona: ettitude

If you’re absolutely obsessed with bamboo sheets (more on that over here). It’s highly likely you’ll love the ettitude bamboo comforter. People swear by them for regulating body temperature and making you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

It’s lightweight, breathable, and comfy as all hell. You can also choose between a summer or winter weight, depending on whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper.

best doona quilt in australia

Best Silk Doona: Ecosa

Silk! In quilts! Now that is some chaotic bougie energy! Ecosa has three types of silk quilts — Summer, Mid-Weight and Winter — so you can find one that suits the temperature outside and your body too. Plus, no matter which one you pick, they’re all light, airy, and hypoallergenic.

Best Cooling Doona: Rest

Hot sleepers, this one’s for you! Rest’s game-changing, Evercool doona is loaded with temperature-regulating technology and moisture-wicking fabric to deliver a cool, dry, and rejuvenating sleep experience for sweaty sleepers.

best doona quilt in australia

All sorted on the doona front? Let’s look at upgrading that lumpy old mattress.

Image Credit: Emma Sleep