Big Brother Tries To Get Doona Dancing With New Intruder

Although the adults only ‘Up Late’ formats of yesteryear have been rejected with Channel Nine promoting a more family-friendly show in 2012, Big Brother just can’t help himself, the dirty dog. In a move which can only be explained as a ploy to get things moving – or dancing if you will, a second intruder, Sexy Sam was introduced to Australia last night, shirtlessly embracing the Big Brother experience.

At the start of this series Channel Nine ensured this year would focus on a group of adults relating to each other through adult discussion rather than simply looking to hook up. Channel Nine has quickly figured out that this is a completely LOL, unsatisfactory premise for being entertained (inside AND outside the Big Brother compound) and so, over the last week, two ‘intruders’ have been introduced as blatant sex magnets.

Last night saw the arrival of shirt-adverse beefcake, the ‘Cool, Confident and Charismatic’ Sam (that’s a direct quote from the Big Brother blog). He’s a Surfer’s Paradise local who likes surfing, motorbikes and being single. Hear that ladies!

Big Brother’s intentions for the insertion of Sexy Sam were not lost on housemate Bradley who explained “the female housemates have been holding out for a male intruder and I think he is just the kind of person they’ve been holding out for.” Too right Brad. And if doonas aren’t dancing by the end of this week, we’re going to switch off Big Brother indefinitely.

Words By Nikki Brogan