Ugg Boots Are Up To 80 Per Cent Off If You Were Thinking Of Treating Yourself To A New Pair Of Slippers

UGG Express Boots Sale
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If you’re in need of a new pair of Ugg boots, you’re in luck. UGG Express is currently running its winter sale, where you can score a massive 80 per cent off ugg boots, slippers, faux leather shoes and more.

Whether you prefer mini platform ugg boots, luxuriously fluffy slide slippers, or knee-high sheepskin wool boots, UGG Express has them, and they’re heavily discounted. Yes, even the viral platform Tazzy slippers are on sale.

And while the sale will last for the next two months, sizes will sell out quickly, so you’ll need to get in ASAP to pick up a pair of your new favourite slippers. Here are our favourite deals that we’ve spotted so far.

The best ugg boot sales in Australia

Ugg boot deals

Sheepskin slipper deals

Leather boot deals

That’s all folks! Check out the rest of UGG Express Australia’s Winter Sale here.

Image credit: UGG Express/@britt.xtwo