No.1 Britney Fan Paris Hilton Shared A Y2K Fantasy Vid Of Herself Dancing To ‘Hold Me Closer’

Paris Hilton, ultimate Britney Spears stan, posted a TikTok vid of herself dancing to Britney’s new song with Elton John and it is absolutely my mood for the weekend.

Britney and Elton dropped their collab ‘Hold Me Closer’ on Friday. It’s Britney’s first new music since she escaped from her conservatorship, so it’s no surprise that fans are pretty stoked about the whole thing.

Chief among those fans is Ms Paris Hilton herself.

In her TikTok, Paris can be seen lounging on top of her pink car doing bicycle crunches (?) and skipping around to the tune of ‘Hold Me Closer’. It is unclear why the pink car plays such a pivotal role in the video but who am I to judge?

“Yaaass Britney, the queen is back!” Paris wrote on the video.

“So proud of my sis!”

@parishilton “Hold Me Closer” is officially out & I’ll be playing it on repeat until further notice! So proud of you sis @britneyspears 👑🧚‍♀️💖 #HoldMeCloser #Sliving #ThatsHot ♬ Hold Me Closer – Elton John & Britney Spears

In the caption of the TikTok she also said she’d be “playing it on repeat until further notice” and honestly, Paris Hilton has never been more relatable.

Paris previously bailed on DJing for Joe Biden to attend Britney’s wedding. Perhaps the biggest power move of all time.

“I was actually asked to DJ for the President and all of the other presidents around the world for the dinner,” Paris said on her This Is Paris podcast.

“But this was more important to me.”


Britney’s celeb fans also included Drew Barrymore, who sent her a video message celebrating the song.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes,” she sang in the vid, per TMZ.

“Couldn’t send it in a text because it’s too fucking important. Number one in 33 countries!”

Britney then replied with her own video.

“I really needed to hear that this morning. I’m kinda proud too — I’m excited,” she said. As she should be!

For his part, Elton John himself has also spoken about Britney’s talent. The song is a mashup of two of his hits, ‘Tiny Dancer’ and ‘The One’.

“She sang fantastically,” Elton John told The Guardian.

“Everyone was saying they don’t think she can sing any more. But I said, she was so brilliant when she started so I think she can. And she did it.”

What I wouldn’t give to share a delightful meal with Elton John, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton.

There you have it: literally the entire world is adequately hyped for Britney’s new music. After everything she’s been through, it’s what the legend deserves.