16 Australian Lingerie Brands That’ll Have You Feeling Sexy As Hell

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I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together more than wearing matching lingerie. Hell, I’ll even wear it under trackies on days I feel ‘meh’ just to give myself that extra dose of serotonin (and confidence) I desperately need. If you can relate, then you’re in luck! I’ve made it my mission to create a running list of the best lingerie brands in Australia so that when you need to freshen up your top drawer, you can come right here and find your new go-to.

I’ve managed to find a little bit of everything for everyone. From flirty feminine lingerie to the perfect t-shirt bra, I’ve found hundreds of delicate, comfortable and beautiful cuts, colours and styles of lingerie. Oh, and all my big boob girlies, I’ve got you — I asked all my boobie-blessed friends where to find the best bras for y’all too.

So buckle up, and enjoy our guide to the best lingerie brands in Australia.

Chouchou Intimates

Chouchou Intimates is an Aussie lingerie brand that’s overhauling your everyday undies so you don’t have to choose between comfy and cute. The brand takes iconic lingerie styles and re-invents them for the modern person.

Kat the Label

Born in Byron Bay, Kat the Label‘s lingerie is fiercely feminine, sensual and oh-so flirty. Designed to be worn exposed or hidden, each delicate garment will leave you laced with confidence. They have a range of lacey lingerie and silky sleep sets that’ll have you actually wearing coordinated bras and undie sets.


With a name derived from the French word for undergarment (sousvêtements), it’s no surprise that Souszy is home to over 20 intimate brands. Each brand is as beautiful, delicate and feminine as the next and offers a variety of styles, cuts, colours and sizes. 

Bras N Things

Having designed lingerie in Australia for more than 30 years, it’s likely you already own a lingerie set or two from Bras N Things. Hell, it’s probably the place where most of you had your first-ever bra fitting. I know I did! They offer a range of different cuts, colours and styles for sizes 8B-22DD and cater for sizes 6-22 for bottoms.

best lingerie brands australia


best lingerie brands australia

Given Bonds is one of Australia’s most iconic brands, they need no introduction. They’ve literally been wardrobe staples for more than 100 years. They’re affordable, hella comfortable and come in a range of different sizes, colours and prints for every body shape, without sacrificing style.

Forever & A Day

Forever & A Day intimates absolutely ooze femininity! From florals to frills, the Melbourne-based boutique stocks a delicious range of lingerie, bodysuits and basics. They also come in at a pretty decent price point of around $90 to $109 a set.

best lingerie brands australia

Lé Buns

Based out of Melbourne, the Female-founded label Lé Buns is all about comfort, silhouettes and sustainability. Each garment is made from organic cotton, uses natural dyes and comes in a range of styles to flatter and support every body shape and size. To semi-borrow a line from my gal Nicki “I don’t want none — Unless it’s (Lé) Buns, hun!”


For over 100 years, Berlei has been supporting women. They’re big on comfort and offer 59 sizes, A—H, to ensure every body shape and size is not only supported but comfortable. From lace to basics and sports crops, they do it all.

best lingerie brands australia

Echo Intimates

best lingerie brands australia

Specialising in delicate lingerie, every Eco Intimate collection is made in small, sustainably sized batches to ensure quality and a less-is-more approach to fashion. They offer a range of beautiful soft cup bras and bralettes, as well as lace and silk underwear and sleepwear.

Aimee Cherie Intimates

Ooft, I remember when Amiee Cherie Intimates was born on Instagram! Hailing from the west coast of Australia, the delicates brand specialises in wireless, sustainable everyday lingerie. They operate using a made-to-order model, giving consumers a more sustainable way to shop.

best lingerie brands australia

Intimo Lingerie

best lingerie brands australia

Intimo Lingerie has one of the most impressive offerings we’ve ever seen. You’d be hard-pressed to shop their site without finding a bra. Known for its superb fit and comfort, it has bras in almost every cut, colour and style imaginable.

Shadie by EA

Shadie by EA is a small Black-owned Australian business that was birthed out of frustration at the lack of inclusive ‘nude’ underwear available here in Aus. Shadie currently offers a range of bras and underwear in five different skin tones and is available in sizes 6-22.

best lingerie brands australia

Saturday the Label

best lingerie brands australia

Saturday the Label’s underwire bras, soft-cup bralettes, g-strings, briefs and bodysuits are equal parts cheeky, playful, comfortable and affordable. Honestly, one scroll and you’ll be smashing that ‘add to cart’ button.

Rose & Bare 

Brought to life by model Natalie Roser, Rose & Bare aims to cater to a wide variety of skin tones by matching its wearers with the perfect ‘nude’ underwear set. They currently come in four affordable shades and six different styles.

best lingerie brands australia


best lingerie brands australia

Sotto is a female-owned and operated business out of Sydney that creates beautiful, affordable lingerie. Each piece was made to be worn every damn day, not just on those special occasions! They also offer a range of apparel like bodysuits, dresses and button-up shirts.

Meg Alexandra

Meg Alexandra is an independent, bespoke, intimates label that makes delicate, feminine, lingerie for a range of body shapes and sizes.

best lingerie brands australia

Image Credit: Kat The Label / Chouchou Intimates / @gracexholland