Humble Opinions: We Reckon We’ve Found The Comfiest Bras On The Internet

comfortable bras
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If lockdown has taught me anything, it’s that the bra I was wearing on the daily was, frankly, fucked. It was not a comfortable bra. In fact, it was a supremely uncomfy bra — and that needed to change.

Working from home has many benefits, but a big one is that you really don’t move much through the day. Just down to the kitchen, back to the computer, over to the toot, and so on. Whereas when you go to work, you might have to sprint after a bus, galumph down busy city streets and so on. This means your basoomas need some tethering. At home? No need!

That all being said, I still have pretty big boobs, and they just can’t go free and wild without a bra. Props to any of you who don’t feel you’re going to be knocked in the eyeball by a tit if you go bra-free. I am very jealous. But this article really isn’t for you. It’s for anyone who feels genuinely uncomfortable WITHOUT a bra on and would like to feel comfy with a bra on.

I give you our Humble Opinions on the most comfortable bras we tried during lockdown that are genuinely comfy.

Kat The Label Maverick Bra

Kat The Label Maverick Red Black 2 Pack, $110

 “Okay, who gave Kat The Label the permission to make nice lacy bras this comfy?! Seriously, since the day these arrived, I’ve had them on constant rotation. They’re comfy enough to chuck on while you WFH and sexy enough that if you’re heading out, you look cute and feel confident. They’re also super affordable a two-pack only sets you back $110! I’ve also got C cup boobs and feel very supported in both the S and M.” — Bree

Triumph Body Makeup Soft Touch

comfortable bras

Triumph Body Makeup Soft Touch ($59.95)

“T-shirt bras have always been super comfy, but this one took the cake for me. It’s got this velvety lining that sits really nicely on your skin, the straps are thick, so they don’t cut your shoulders, and the back elastic is stretchy enough that it doesn’t choke you. The only downside would be that while the support is there for sure, the “jiggle factor” is relatively high. You know the feeling where your bra has you on lock but has sort of lifted your boobs, so they look great, but also bounce when you walk? That kinda thing. I like a strong lock on the boob front, so for me, this is an at-home only choice.” — Mel

BONDS Comfy Crop

BONDS Comfy Crop, $16.99

“I’ve been wearing the Bonds Comfy Crop over the pandemmy years, and they’re genuinely so comfortable and supportive while also feeling like you’re not wearing a bra at all. No fears of stabbing myself with wires or anything, no straps digging in, and you can snooze in them and wake up without feeling like you’ve bruised your ribs, hahaha. I’ve been wearing a large, and I’m typically a 14D in boulder holders.” — Courtney 

“SAME! But a 34DD. This bra is so comfy! I’m embarrassed to say I own five lol.” — Tiah 

Sloggi Zero Feel Bralette

comfortable bras

Sloggi Zero Feel Bralette, $44.95

“This is basically a crop top shaped like a bra — there’s no clasp, so you have to get your size right, and it means if you’ve got big boobs but a smaller back, it’s hard to feel 100% secure in this bad boy. That being said, it’s FANTASTICALLY comfy. Probably the most comfortable + supportive wire-free bra I’ve tried. I wouldn’t recommend it for big boobs, but if you’re around a B or C cup, it gives you the support and shape without wire.” — Melissa 

BONDS Invisi Wirefree Bra

BONDS Invisi Wirefree Bra, $49.99

“This has me so excited cause I’m in a long term relo with my bra we love each other. I’m a B/C (probably more a C), and this Bonds Mircrofree wireless bra is the best bra cause there are no wires, making it so comfy and supportive. I find it also doesn’t cover too much of my boob sometimes I feel bras don’t go low enough or sit too high on your chest, but not this one! It can be worn with low tops, so also doubles as not just an ugly day-to-day bra but also a plain bralette looking bra… anyways, it’s the!” — Jasmin 

Berlei Luxury Lace Classic Non-Contour Bra

Luxury Lace Classic Non-Contour Bra, $59.95

“Berlei has amazingly comfortable bras for big boobs the coverage is major, while still being really comfortable. It’s made of a weird, stretchy-foam fabric, so it’s kind of between a non-padded bra and a contour bra, I would say. I’ve worn this heaps, and it’s now one of my faves.” — Maddie

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