Lockdown meant one thing, and one thing only for me – realising that the bra I was wearing on the daily was, frankly, fucked. It was not a comfortable bra. It was a supremely UNcomfy bra. And that needed to change.

Working from home has many benefits, but a big one is that you really don’t move much through the day. Just down to the kitchen, back to the computer, over to the toot, and so on. Whereas when you go to work you might have to sprint after a bus, galumph down busy city streets and so on. Which means your basoomas need some tethering. At home? No need!

That all being said I still have quite big boobs, and they just can’t go free and wild without a bra. Props to any of you who don’t feel you’re going to be knocked in the eyeball by a tit if you go bra-free, I am very jealous. But this article really isn’t for you. It’s for anyone who feels genuinely uncomfortable WITHOUT a bra on, but also would like to feel comfy with a bra on.

I give you the top comfortable bras I tried in isolation that truly, actually were comfy.

1. Triumph Body Makeup Soft Touch

comfortable bras

T-shirt bras have always been super comfy, but this one took the cake for me. It’s got this velvety lining that sits really nicely on your skin, the straps are thick so they don’t cut your shoulders, and the back elastic is stretchy enough that it doesn’t choke you.

The only downside would be that while the support is there for sure, the “jiggle factor” is relatively high. You know the feeling where your bra has you on lock but has sort of lifted your boobs so they look great, but also bounce when you walk? That kinda thing. I like a strong lock on the boob front, so for me this is an at-home only choice.

2. Sloggi Zero Feel Bralette

comfortable bras

This is basically a crop top shaped like a bra – there’s no clasp, so you have to get your size right, and it means if you’ve got big boobs but a smaller back, it’s hard to feel 100% secure in this bad boy.

That being said, it’s FANTASTICALLY comfy. Probably the most comfortable + supportive wire-free bra I trialled. I wouldn’t recommend it for big boobs, but if you’re around a B or C cup it gives you the support and shape without wire.

3. BONDS Originals Racer Crop

comfortable bras

This is absolutely not for anyone with big boobs, but goddamn the material in this crop top is heaven. It’s super soft cotton/modal/elastane, and the elastic isn’t too tight around your chest either. Definitely one for anyone with a smaller bust!

4. Allbirds Trino Bralette

comfortable bras

This is the other heavenly crop top I loved. Again, it’s such a luxe material, probably the most luxe I tried – merino and tencel. Again, it’s not going to be hyper supportive if you’re above a B cup but it’s amazing if you’re just lounging on the couch.

4. Berlei Womankind T-Shirt Bra

comfortable bras

The Womankind range are amazing comfortable bras for big boobs – the coverage is major, while still being really comfortable. It’s made of a weird, stretchy-foam fabric, so it’s kind of between a non-padded bra and a contour bra, I would say.

I’ve worn this heaps since I trialled it, it’s now one of my faves. I’d only say it’s not super supportive if you’re being active like walking heaps or whatever, but it’s great for WFH.

5. Bras N Things Pure Body Lace Bra

This was by far the sexiest comfortable bras I tried. Yes, you read that right – it’s sexy AND it’s comfy!!! The new go-to for those times (post-Roni) when you’re like, am I gonna get a booty call tonight or am I gonna end up on the couch watching re-runs of Friends.

The straps are a little thin so if you find that uncomfortable, steer clear. It doesn’t bother me, and the important factor is the cup is lined with smooth material, and the contour isn’t aggressive, it’s quite a thin layer.

6. Bras N Things Body Bliss

Bras N Things really came through on this one, guys – they’ve also got these heaps cute Lounge Unlined Bralettes that I didn’t try but look EPIC and come in both full coverage and demi. The Body Bliss bra comes with a lacy back or a plain one, and was the second sexiest of the comfortable bras I tried. This has more of a contour and a bit more padding, so great if you prefer a traditional t-shirt bra that kinda perks up your titties. The material is so, so comfy – like velvety to the touch.

7. Berlei Womankind Luxe Demi Bra

This was easily the *coolest* looking bra, so if you’re really into minimalist chic even with your Reg Grundies, this is is the bra for you. It’s not the comfiest of them all, but it’s still up there – it’s a silky material and has that same half contour, half unlined vibe to it. The only downside would be the straps – they’re pretty thin and hard on the shoulders if you don’t love that.

8. Boody Shaper Crop Bra

I reckon this crop-bralette hybrid is so good for when you want a bit more shape than your usual straight-across crop top. It’s once again not the best for big boobs, but it definitely gives a bit more lift than a regular crop. Boody uses this really nice bamboo-based viscose material, that’s also really kind to the environment. Always a plus, right?

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Image: Bras N Things