I Tried A Bazillion Sports Bras To Determine Which Ones Locked The Girls Down Real Good

Sports bras need to be one thing, and one thing only – supportive as hell. Actually, that’s a lie. That is their main duty, and secondary to that I want things like “looks cute!!!” and “doesn’t leave red welts on my shoulders!!!”.

But mainly, we want support. Especially if you’re like me and have big basoomas that like to knock people out at netball. I’ve spent many years hunting for the best sports bra that could hoist these puppies up without giving me pointy-boob. We all know pointy-boob.

Luckily, my job means that I can trial a shitload of bras, like actually go on runs in them, do boxing in them and so on, and determine the true Queens. Which is exactly what I did. Here are my winners.

1. Lululemon Enlite Bra

Lululemon Enlite Bra, $119

I’ve long been skeptical about non-underwire bras holding the girls down, but this Lulu one (and some others in this list) proved me wrong! This is SERIOUSLY supportive. Like, do-not-budge supportive, but it’s also cute with tank tops because of the crop top style and the criss-cross back.

2. Nike Alpha

Nike Alpha Bra, $70

This is another fantastic crop top style sports bra. It doesn’t look like it would hold you down, but the moulded cups and adjustable strap really do! The one thing I will say is this bra didn’t lock the girls down through skipping (something my boxing class often incorporates) – but boxing, running, all of that it’s perfect, and I also have it as my go-to for just activewear weekends because it’s comfy as hell. A tip – go a size down in the back, it runs a little big and the adjustable strap means you can extend it out a bit if you need.

3. Berlei Shift

sports bras
Berlei @ Bras N Things Shift Bra, $59.95

Yes, this will give you a *bit* of pointy boob, but I have to say in terms of bras that hold you down, this one did the most aggressive job of it. The wide, flat chest straps have something to do with it, I reckon – but I also found them a bit uncomfortable, or maybe I just need to get used to it. Either way, if you’re just at your wit’s end for support, this is the bra for you I reckon.

4. Triumph Performance Sports Bra

sports bras
Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra, $59.95

This is my ride or die for intense sport stuff like netball and skipping (apparently skipping is the most intense sport I can do! Who knew!). It’s definitely a pointy-boob situation, but it’s fine under tanks and tees, to be honest. I think the key factor is the real separation/side and top support, which stop the girls from moving. Again, it’s not the comfiest but it definitely makes me feel the most secure.

5. Reebok PureMove+ Bra

sports bras
Reebok PureMove+ Bra, $75

This bra has a similar level of support to the Nike Alpha, maybe a little more locked down I would say. It’s made of a sort of wetsuit material that you’d think would be hyper unbreathable, but it works? It’s actually NASA created, and it’s made to react to your movements – I feel like it’s the material that gives it that extra bit of support. It also goes up to an F cup, which is excellent news. It’s also damn cute, I’d wear this with no tank over it tbh.

6. P.E Nation Boost Sports Bra

sports bras
P.E Nation Boost Sports Bra, $79

I would say this is not for running if you’re above a C cup – I didn’t even attempt it, but it’s got pretty amazing medium support for stuff like boxing (minus the skipping bit lol) and weekend wear for walks and so on. The material across the front is a bit tougher than the other P.E Nation bra I tried, the Down Drive, which was heaps cute but more of a light support – I think that made the difference!

7. Lorna Jane The One Bra

Lorna Jane The One Bra, $99.99

The genius behind this sports bra is that Lorna Jane asked their fans about all the elements in a sports bra that they love. Then, they turned that intel into what they call “The One”, a bra with heaps of adjustable elements. For example, you can adjust the band, the straps, you can zip it on/off or pull it over your head, you can add padding or remove it – everything. It makes for a damn good sports bra, although I personally didn’t feel it could withstand running, it looks so cute on, it’s really comfy and I love that you can make it exactly as you’d like it.

8. Berlei Ultimate Performance

sports bras
Berlei Ultimate Performance Sports Bra, $99.95

You know how when you were in school, you’d wear a bra with a crop top over it if you had big boobs? This is like that, but for sports. It’s basically got firm cups kinda like the Shift, except with a layer of stretch on top to make it look like a sports bra. Genius! This was one of my faves because it gave me the high support of a sports bra, with the cute look of a crop. The only downside is it’s a LOT of material so it’s not necessarily as comfy as, say, the P.E Nation or Nike bras. More for a running date, I guess? Haha.

9. 2XU Hi Impact Bra

2XU Hi Impact Bra, $69.95

Disclaimer – this bra only goes up to a D at the moment BUT, while it didn’t fit me it HELD ME DOWN HARDCORE. So if you’re an A-D cup, this is a fantastic running bra IMO. It’s got wire hidden in the crop, so you get that extra support.

10. Under Armour

Under Armour Women’s Ua Infinity High Heather Sports Bra, $80

I looooved Under Armour’s Infinity bra, and this is the next level version – it feels more comfortable (the OG was a little stiff) and softer on skin, but still has that high impact support. I can definitely run in this, but I prefer it for boxing and more medium-high sport.

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