An Adelaide Nightclub Has Apologised For Asking Women To Take Off Their Bras For Free Drinks

the woolshed on hindley, adelaide nightclub

Adelaide nightclub The Woolshed has cancelled a controversial event and apologised to punters after it was labelled “misogynistic” for offering free drinks to women with bigger boobs. In our Lord’s year of 2023.

The Woolshed ask women to “hang their bra in the shed” to win free drinks based on their sizes.

According to the event post, women who wore A cup bras would get one free drink, two for a B cup, three for a C cup, etc.

“The bigger the better!” the post read. Brb, vomiting in my mouth a little.

The woolshed bra promotion
YIKES. (Image: Facebook / The Woolshed)

Unsurprisingly, the post was immediately dragged to hell and back by social media users who called it out as “misogynistic bullshit”.

“Was a terrible idea from the get go, whoever came up with it and then allowed it to be shared should be in big trouble, seriously inappropriate stuff,” one person wrote.

“It’s hard enough to keep drunk men away, then add the pressure of ‘get ya bras off’ to the mix,” another person complained.

“The minute anything gets mentioned of free drinks and bras off or the bigger the better, all the feral rabid sex-crazed creeps come out lurking,” a third reiterated.

Yeah, it truly shocks me that anyone actually thought this was a chill and normal thing to do.

The Woolshed has since issued an apology for the promotion, which its organisers acknowledged would make people feel “body-shamed”.

the woolshed apology
(Image: Facebook / The Woolshed)

“We would like to address the concerns that have been raised regarding a recent social media post shared by our nightclub,” a statement posted to Facebook read.

“We sincerely apologise for the fact that the post made some of our patrons feel uncomfortable and body-shamed as this was never our intention.

“Based on the feedback from our community we have canceled the promotion and are workshopping ideas for different promotions that promote a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all. Moving forward senior management will be reviewing all promotional activity to ensure that it creates an inclusive environment for all our patrons.

“Your feedback is valued and helps us to create the environment that both our staff and patrons love so suggestions are most welcome.”

Well, I hope they learned something. Namely that pitting women against each other and rewarding big boob sizes is NOT it.