Oz Nightclub Summons The Spirit Of Drake With IRL Hotline Bling Light Box

Adelaide-based party hosts So Far Gone went all-out for their Drake club night on Sunday, constructing a mini walk-in replica of your boi Drizzy’s iconic Hotline Bling LED light-box.
Set up in Mr Kim’s nightclub in Crippen Place, the box took three weeks of planning and fabrication, is made of 40 metres of lighting strips and fts. remote control that changes the light colours to ultimate 6 God steeze. 

Suffice to say it was full the entire night.
Club-owner Daniel Atkins spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV about the thought-process behind building such a contraption. 
“We [I and co-host Annabel Hartlett] wanted So Far Gone to be more than just a club night, and we wanted to do something that no one has ever done inside a club (to our knowledge),” he said.
Daniel was inspired to do the build after the Toronto Raptors constructed a similar lightbox for their Drake night last November, the annual event wherein the basketball team throws a party to worship their ‘Brand Ambassador’/resident of the 6 at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.
The Radelaide hotline bling box is a smaller scale of cool, and (as far as we know) the first official Hotline Bling box in Oz. 
EDM-king Dillon Francis approves of this lightshow madness, unleashing his inner 6-God in the ‘1800-IDGAFOS’ box after his Adelaide show last Thursday:


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Drizzy would approve.
Photo: Supplied.