I literally hate wearing a bra, but also fun fact: my boobs are too big for me not to wear one and still be comfy. Anyone over a C cup will understand – sometimes it’s just comfier and easier to wear a bloody bra. But while there’s plenty of over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders out there, comfy ones are harder to come by. So I’ve made a wrap of comfortable bras for all the other bra-haters in the world.

PSA: The best thing to do first is to GO GET YOURSELF FITTED. My god, as a ex-bra fitter myself I cannot attest how often I’d meet women saying their bra sucked, only to realise they were wearing one 2 sizes too small/big and that’s why it was the worst. Most department stores and lingerie shops offer the service for free.


Body Bliss Bra, DD – F, $59.99

The microsuede backing of this bra makes it a dream to wear, and the cups are made of soft material so they shape without feeling like solid, round walls against your boobs.


Zero Feel Bralette, $39.95

The flat edges and zero seams on this bralette make it ridiculously comfy – perfect for weekends when you want some shape, but wanna feel like you’re literally braless.


Body Make Up Soft Touch Bra, $59.95

The jersey material is what makes this bra super wearable.


Comfy Crop, $14.95

Yes, it’s not super cute. Yes, it’s one of the comfiest things you can wear, and absolutely you should wear this to bed if you like a lil’ support.


Stella Low Cut Bra, $55

Look! A totally cute lying-around-doing-whatever bra! Hara use bamboo for their bra materials, which is super soft – and all their creations are made ethically using plant-based dyes.


Inspiration Bra, $84.95

A re-workable t-shirt bra, the microfibre fabric makes for extremely easy wear.


Smooth Miracle Bra, $99.50

With cup sizes from C-G, this is a great comfortable pick for anyone wanting some stronger support but minus the itch-factor of lace and annoying seams.


Pure Comfort Bra, $49.99

While this bra is wire-free, the stretch-cotton cups provide loads of support. It might not be your daily bra, but you’ll love it for hanging at home and on weekends.


Lavender Padded Lace Bralette, $36.90

Bralettes are rarely made for anyone beyond a C cup, but this one with added padding means you can rep a super cute lacy bralette without feeling like you’ve lost all support.


Like Nothing Bra, $75

The trademarked ‘Ultralu’ material moulds to your body, and it’s sweat-wicking. What’s not to love here, honestly.


Sexy & Seamless Bra, $49.95

A seamless bra that still has strong, moulded cups for when you want shape without wire-based support.


Barely There Bra, $69.95

The OG of comfy bras, I can attest – this bra is the tits. Pun intended.


Padded Shaper Crop Bra, $26.95

Made of bamboo-based viscose, the elastic on this crop-bra isn’t hectically tight, so you feel like you can still breathe.


Understate Demi Bra, $69.95

Suede lining and mouldable cups make this an underwire bra without the uncomfy elements.


Form Bra, $59.95

The wide sides of this seamfree bra mean no cutting in, one of the primo reasons a bra feels shitty to wear.

Image: Hara The Label