How To Nail The Blokecore Trend Even If You’re Not The Sportiest Spice On The Block

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At a fashion event this week, I spotted a famous actress. Rather than being decked out in a designer dress, this person was dressed head-to-toe in a red soccer uniform with ribbons in their hair. 

Here we were at an exclusive fashion event in one of Melbourne’s most famous restaurants and they literally looked like they’d stepped off the football field 30 minutes earlier (albeit their hair and makeup was done). 

This proved to me that while it’s been floating around the internet for a while now, blokecore is here to stay. 

Blokecore is yet another of TikTok’s endless ‘cores’. Tiktoker Brandon Huntley, allegedly got the sports-inspired look trending.

While die-hard British football fans have been dressing this way for decades, of course, once young people on TikTok get their hands on it, the aesthetic is seen on everyone from Bella Hadid to American college students.

The fashion is simple: sports jerseys (mostly soccer), rugby shirts à la Hailey Bieber and Rihanna, baggy denim jeans, and a pair of trainers – usually adidas. 

Essentially what British ‘blokes’ would wear down to the pub on a Sunday afternoon to watch Chelsea vs Arsenal. 

If, like me, you’re more intrigued by the fashion style than ever, here’s how to nail the look. 


The difference between literally being a bloke who watches sports to being ahead of the fashion pack is subtle when it comes to this trend. Adding accessories to the look will put you in the latter category. 

Specsavers has just launched a new collection of the adidas Originals’ eyewear. You can choose from 13 optical frames and three pairs of sunnies that scream adidas’ street style. It’s an easy way to get into the blokecore look and will mean your style isn’t compromised by your eye health. 

Other accessories can include the popular Apple AirPod Max headphones and if you want to get into blokette core (i.e. blokecore and coquette styles mixed together), then pair your bro-y outfit with some ribbons and ballet flats. 

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The reason blokecore is so easy to take part in (and why it’s stuck around for so long) is its accessibility. Sure, you can buy a brand new, designer soccer shirt or you can borrow your boyfriend’s team jersey (if he’ll let you). 

Given that a lot of the aesthetic comes from 90s Brittania, you can most likely find soccer shirts in vintage or op shops.

Meanwhile, rugby-inspired tops can be shopped at Cotton On or H&M

See? Super accessible to tap into. 

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The boyish look of blokecore means that baggy trousers and jeans complete the look. Again, second-hand denim works well in this instance given the vintage aesthetic. Oversized jorts (yep, jean shorts) and the currently trending denim maxi skirts also work. They all complement the final piece of the blokecore puzzle. 


What’s a sporting trend without trainers? adidas sambas have been heralded as the key shoe of the blokecore trend. If you can’t get your hands (or feet) on a pair then any sort of adidas shoe will do. 

adidas have ruled street style for decades and with Specsavers launching its new eyewear range, you can be decked out literally from head to toe. 

I don’t know about you but I’m “proper buzzing” over this whole blokecore aesthetic. Now to go raid my boyfriend’s wardrobe.