How To Recreate These 4 Truly Iconic 2000s Looks Because We’re All Yahooligans At Heart

2000S Looks
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

ICYMI (if you’ve been living under a rock): All things the ’00s are back in a big way.

Bootcut jeans. Trucker caps. Overly glossed lips. Sweater vests. Tiny handbags. The lot.

The zoomers that dominate TikTok and IG have adopted every trend that made the decade truly great and boy, are they absolutely killing every single look. For kids that probably don’t even remember when Britney Spears owned the radio, they’ve got every detail down to a science.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you it’s time to stop romanticising the 90s because the nostalgia is dead. The Olsen twins, Christina Aguilera, Paris, Lindsay Lohan and Gwen Stefani are the gods you worship now. Grab your iPod nano and yell at your mum for not letting you download the most recent Pussycat Dolls song off Limewire.

Have I sent a primary-school-esque memory shivering down your spine? Have I sent the nostalgia gland into overdrive? Good.

Here’s a breakdown of 4 iconic ’00s staples you can easily throw into wardrobe rotation for max trendiness now.

Flared Pants

So flared and bootcut pants were all the rage in the noughties and honestly, why did they ever go out of style? They’re objectively timelessly cooler than skinny jeans and mom jeans and offer up an air of effortlessness that was oozed by the bucket load by our noughties queens.

Now, the photo of Britney above encompasses a vast array of ’00s trends – it’s literally a denim flared matching trackie paired with a tiny bag, seashell chains and rimless sunglasses. Pulling off the entire ~look~ may be a bit much for most now, but never fear, Ms Spears can still act as a bit of fashion inspo here.

H&M has just dropped a collab with the endlessly-on trend Lee Jeans, featuring a fire pair of flared jeans that scream the 00s and will hug your booty like a Destiny’s Child song. Style them with white sneakers to peak up under the hem, a white tank top and a little faux-black leather shoulder bag and bam, you’re cast in season 3 of The O.C. Another added bonus is that the collection is made of 100% recyclable cotton because we don’t want the planet to be as hot as Paris Hilton was in 2003. You’ll also be able to track the water and CO2 energy impact of each garment too on their website, which is also pretty darn fetch if you ask me.

^^the jeans are a vibe. 

Tight Tees

Since we’re exiting a 90s nostalgia boom, it’s time we acknowledge how baggy tees suck. They did look cute tucked into a pair of mom jeans paired with a pair of Doc Martins, but a noughties queen would never. Tight tees are back baby, so soak it up.

Tight tees were the foundation of the decade. Extra points if it had a tongue-in-cheek slogan plastered across the front or were embellished with hyper-coloured sequins.

Again, if you’re not into bedazzling or rhinestones (I don’t blame you), tight basic tees with capped sleeves are popping up everywhere right now which are easy to style with jeans, cargo pants or even classic workwear pants if you’re feeling that was – hot tip: H&M’s new range features cute lil’ tees that fit the brief. For a more Gretchen Weiner-esque look, pairing one with a plaid skirt and a pair of mules will have you singing all the way to the cafeteria or red carpet.

Accessories Are Everything

Accessories are the easiest way to evoke an era without committing completely to the look. This goes for makeup and hair too. It’s showcasing to the world that you’re definitely on-trend, but you’re willing to add your own flair with the rest of the outfit.

Exhibit A above: Raven Symone – an underrated figure of the time.

She’s got the entire shebang going – a slicked-back ponytail, the gigantic hoop earrings, pink lips and the unassuming necklace. It’s all ultra noughties, but the rest of the outfit can truly sing in whatever way it likes.

Matching Moments

As we’ve seen many times now the ’00s loved a bit matching. Whether its a pattern that pops up across different pieces and all in one set or the same toned accessories, celebs adored this look back in the day.

This pre-Kris Humphries Kim K pic exudes this vibe completely. I know it’s ~a lot~ but I’d honestly applaud if I saw someone in the street trying to pull this off. A much easier way to do this would be by picking the same colour and wearing it in different shades across the fit. Think on-Wednesdays-we-wear-pink-vibes but less extreme. If you are feeling bold, a double denim outfit is a timeless option (harkening to Britney and Justin’s 2001 VMA’s bonanza), because what throwback look is complete without a denim jacket anyway?

Now that’s what I call a ~look~.

If you’re looking to up the ante on your ’00s inspired wardrobe, suss out LEExH&M’s new sustainable denim range here.