Buzz Buzz Bitch: Moments Condoms Just Dropped 50% Off Its Range Of Sex Toys For Black Friday

Moments Condoms Sex Toys Sale Black Friday
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Of the zillion and one Black Friday emails you’ve received in the span of the last week, I think I might just hold the key to the best one: the legends at Moments Condoms have dropped a 50 per cent off sale sitewide. Yep, I repeat sitewide.

This means from Friday, November 17 to Monday, November 27, you can get your hot little hands on the brand’s cult-fave sex toys for just $37.50. That’s cheaper than a damn Maccies dinner for the fam in this cozzie livs.

As the name suggests, Moments Condoms naturally also has a pretty neato range of condoms on sale, too. From ultra-thin to dotted, and chocolate to strawberry – I can tell you one thing for free: you won’t regret dropping a dime on these bad boys.

So, enough of the nitty gritty, here’s exactly what you can cop during Moments Condoms’ ‘uuuuuuuuge Black Friday sex toy sale.

Moments Condoms Black Friday Sales 2023

Sex toys

With a fkn sexy lineup of four different pleasure toys to choose from, you’ve got internal/external, partnered/solo play completely sorted. All four toys also boast a waterproof, latex-free design and compact size, meaning it’s literally impossible to run out of places to use them.


moments condoms sale, black friday

If standing in the health and beauty aisle of Woolies trying to decide which condom type, brand and texture to choose from is the bane of your existence — or better yet — you’ve never had the chance to actually look at the options, Moments Condoms is here to make the process 10 times easier by letting you browse in the comfort of your own home. Oh, and you’ll totally avoid having to engage in any awkward small talk with the cashier on the way out. With ribbed, dotted, chocolate and strawberry options available — they’ve got you completely covered (or wrapped).

Keen? Head here to add to ya cart immediately.

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