Rumour Has It Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Is Only Visiting 2 Aussie Cities & Now We’ve Got Bad Blood

taylor swift australia eras tour

There’s been much hypothesising, wishing, manifesting and getting overly (read: justifiably) emotional over the Taylor Swift Australia Eras Tour, but the latest rumoured update brings some pretty bad news for fans across the country. 

When are the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Australian dates?

If you’ve been frantically googling “Taylor Swift Australia” then we’ve got good news for you.

In a Tweet posted in March, the oracular gossip site Deuxmoi hinted that Taylor Swift had already booked the country’s biggest stadium, the MCG, for her tour. 

“Dates have been booked for Taylor at the MCG in Melbourne, Aus. So she’s definitely coming to Australia!” the Tweet read.

It’s impossible to know from the screenshot who the mystery informant is, whether they’re credible, or even what year the booking was (or wasn’t) made for. 

Shortly after this, an anonymous individual claiming to work for the MCG sent the Shameless podcast a DM claiming TayTay is defs on her wayway.

“Hush Hush but I work for the MCG and dates have been booked in for Taylor,” they wrote.

taylor swift shameless MCG tickets australia eras tour
I don’t know who to believe.

Per the anon tea spiller, the “You Need To Calm Down” singer will be playing not one but TWO shows at the MCG.

At this point, any news is good news for fans who have been hanging out for a Taylor Swift Australia tour announcement for yonks, even if we can’t verify any of it. 

And, if it’s any consolation, at least DeuxMoi has been right about these types of things before. Occasionally, anyway.

Regardless, there’s been no official confirmation on Australian tour dates but after seeing footage of the concert from people at the American dates, they’d better be announced ASAP.

Which cities will be included in the Australian Eras Tour?

While rumours have it that the Eras tour Melbourne show will be held at the MCG, no other locations are confirmed — and according to some sources, it looks like several cities have been axed from the tour completely.

The Courier Mail reported its “sources” say Taylor will only be performing in Sydney and Melbourne — leaving Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide out of the tour because of “time constraints and travel costs”.

Why travel costs would be an issue for Ms Private Jet is beyond me, especially given how huge Taylor Swift is at the moment. Like, surely money is not an issue when your shows are guaranteed to sell out?

Now, before you completely panic, it’s important to remember we don’t know where these sources got their info from — let’s just hope it’s all nothing more than hearsay, okay?

Is there any footage of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour?

The first footage of the long-awaited did indeep drop, feat. vids of Hayley WilliamsGigi Hadid and Emma Stone straight-vibing, and it has Aussie Swifties begging for a Taylor Swift Australia tour.

The Eras Tour kicked off on March 17 in the US, and based on the footage, it’s everything we wanted and more.


Turns out the night did get even better. It was enchanting to meet you. #erastourtaylorswift #shakeitoff #hayleywilliams #paramore #glendaletstheerastour #swiftcity #openingnight

♬ original sound – Nayla Bc


#erastour baby

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Replying to @chinnie0190 bestfriend things💝 #gigihadid #taylorswift #zigisimp

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Hadid previously warned that she’d be “embarrassing” herself at the shows. So yeah, we were warned!

But hey, if Taylor Swift’s own pals can’t go HAM at her concerts, then who can?

“I’ll make it to a few [Eras tour dates],” she recently told E! News. “I try to make it to as many as I can.”

“I’m a psychopath at a Taylor show,” she admitted. “I go nuts. I’m not cool at all. I’m like the most embarrassing friend.”

The HAIM gals were also in attendance as they’re her supporting act in the US.

They previously told PEOPLE that they’re keen on “backstage dance parties with Taylor.”

What is the Taylor Swift Eras Tour set list?

The official set list includes 44 songs (!!) and the Eras Tour is doing exactly what it promised — taking Swifties on a journey through all the musical eras of Taylor Swift.

The Eras Tour is the first tour for the pop star in five years, and she’s performing hit after hit for the duration of the show.

OG fans will be thrilled to see bops like “Enchanted” and “Fearless” both making the cut for the setlist.

There are tracks off of her fourth studio album Red, including “I Knew You Were Trouble” and the 10-minute (yes, 10-minute) version of “All Too Well”, so excuse me while I curl up into a ball and sob for the remainder of the day.


Taylor Swift performs “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” at the first #ErasTour stop. (PART 2 INCOMING)

♬ original sound – Variety

“Cruel Summer” also makes an appearance. I’ve never wanted to see someone dancing around on stage in a bedazzled leotard more in my life.


The moment #swifties were waiting for: #TaylorSwift @taylorswift #CruelSummer at #TheErasTour #glendaleTheErasTour #taylorsversion #taylornation #taylorswiftedit #taylorswiftchallenge #taylorswifttok #theerastourtaylorswift #theerastour2023

♬ original sound – Rolling Stone

“Lavender Haze”, “Mirrorball” and “Style” are all confirmed for Eras and seriously, Taylor Swift knows what we want and she gives it to us.

Even “You Belong With Me” got some air time. 12-year-old me is screaming.


@taylorswift #TaylorSwift brings us to high school with #YouBelongWithMe on #TSTheErasTour #TheErasTour #taylorsversion #taylornation #taylorswiftedit #Fearless #Fearlesstv #theerastour2023 #theerastourtaylorswift

♬ original sound – Rolling Stone

Tracks from every single album appear to be making the cut. Why doesn’t every artist structure their live performances like this?

The US leg of the tour wraps up in August of this year so hopefully we have some news on a Taylor Swift Australia tour soon. Until then, I’ll be replaying the vids from the concert for the next seven to 10 business days.

A ‘yuge thank you to all the overseas Swifties for the glorious footage from the Taylor Swift Eras Tour!

This tour is cracking up to be everything I could ever want in a T Swift tour, the song choices, the wardrobe changes, the set. Phenomenal, truly. 

I guess now we wait with bated breath to see if all of this Taylor Swift Australia tour manifestation pays off…