Here’s How To Get Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets Bc This Shit Is Gonna Be A Bad Blood Bath

THE DAY HAS COME!!! Taylor Swift has finally announced her Australian Eras tour dates and a nation of Swifties is collectively screaming into the void. Yes, we’re about to watch The Great War live, but the war in question is actually millions of people stepping on each other in the attempt to get even just one (1) ticket to the Eras Tour.

And we mean that literally (figuratively). Ticketek says the demand for tickets will far outnumber the actual amount of tickets available, which we’ve absolutely seen in action with some of us waiting close to 15 hours in Ticketek’s queue for tickets.

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts.

TBH, we all have a serious case of main character syndrome in thinking that we’re absolutely, definitely, positively getting tickets to the Eras Tour, when in reality, some of us won’t. Hell, some of us are already planning what we’re going to wear to the Eras Tour. But with a few handy tips, you might increase your chances even slightly.

In light of the absolute carnage that will unfold when general ticket sales kick off on June 30th, Ticketek has kindly shared some hot tips to actually nab tickets — and in the process, avoid a sad Folklore crying sesh in your bed (kidding, I’m going to do that anyway).

I missed out on Taylor Swift tickets — what can I do?

Honestly, that’s the worst feeling in the world. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ticket resale sites you can nab tickets from if you’ve ended up missing out on both the pre-sale and the general sale.

We’ve put together a full guide on Taylor Swift resale ticket providers, including who’s legit and who you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

To learn about Taylor Swift Eras Tour resale tickets, head here

First, don’t go to any other site other than Ticketek. It’s the only place you can buy tickets to Taylor’s Australian shows, so please, please, PLEASE don’t spend $25,000 on tickets from some dodgy reseller.

Great, now that’s out of the way, onto the helpful tips:

1. Double-check that your Ticketek account and payment details are up to date.

It’s also a good idea to have your login details handy as you’ll need them to complete your purchase (and you don’t want to be sent off on a wild goose chase of resetting your password from seven years ago while millions of people are trying to buy tickets).

2. If you’re a Frontier Member, save your pre-sale code.

This will be sent to you by Frontier Touring and will be needed to access the Frontier Pre-Sale on Wednesday, June 28th (two days before general public tickets).

A representative at Frontier Touring told PEDESTRIAN.TV that all pre-sale codes should have been sent out by now, including new Frontier Member sign-ups. So have a look through your inbox and get that bad boy ready.

As expected, the Taylor Swift pre-sale was an absolute blood bath with over 800,000 people accessing Sydney’s pre-sale. I’d just like to speak to one (1) person who managed to get tickets, thanks.

3. Know what performance and ticket category you’re after.

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead. Make sure you and your fellow Swifties have decided on what performance date you’re trying to go to and what ticket price category you’re after. That way you can jump in and check out quick smart.

If you’re not sure where to sit, check out our guide on seating for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour — a bunch of Swifties on TikTok are sharing the best (and worst) seats to sit in.

4. Visit Ticketek at least 15 minutes before tickets go on sale.

Yep, you’ll want to be on the site well before tickets go on sale. You can’t just roll up at 9:01am and expect to get through. Follow the designated link for your desired city and you’ll be taken through to the Ticketek Lounge (which sadly isn’t as fancy as it sounds) where you’ll wait to buy tickets.

5. Whatever you do, DO NOT leave the Lounge page or refresh your browser.

I get it. You might be tempted to refresh your browser to check if you’re still in the queue. But doing this will actually put you right at the back of the queue. The page will refresh automatically which will then let people through to purchase some juicy tix. Once you’re in the Lounge, just sit back and wait to be (digitally) escorted through.

6. Keep an eye on the timer.

Sick, we’ve manifested that you’ve finally made it through to the actual purchase page. Lucky duck. While you’re here, make sure you keep an eye on the timer and complete your purchase within the time frame. Otherwise, you’ll be booted out of the queue and your tears will start ricocheting. Sad.

How much will Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets cost in Australia?

I hope you’re ready to drain your savings because these bad boys are NOT cheap.

Here’s what the pricing is looking like:

A Reserve$379.90
B Reserve$309.90
C Reserve$239.90
D Reserve$199.90
E Reserve$159.90
F Reserve$119.90
G Reserve$79.90

Then, of course, you’ve got your VIP packages which range from $349 for the ‘We Never Go Out Of Style Package’ and a whopping $1,249.90 for the ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming Package’.

All VIP packages include a ticket to the show, a bunch of Taylor Swift prints, and some VIP merchandise. I can’t wait to see a bunch of 16-year-olds con their parents into buying this shit for them. Icons.

There is a STRICT limit of four tickets per person, so if you’ve got a big crew going, you might need to rethink logistics.

When can I buy tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Australia?

There are only two pre-sales running before the general public ticket sales on June 30.

First, you’ve got the American Express pre-sale on Monday 26th June. This is only for AMEX cardholders and annoyingly, you’ll only be able to buy the aforementioned VIP packages for this one. So unless you want a really expensive tote bag and some stickers, give this one a miss.

The big pre-sale will be from Frontier Touring on Wednesday 28th June, which kicks off at 10:00am (local time) for Sydney and 2:00pm for Melbourne tickets. Here, you’ll be able to grab regular tickets ahead of the general ticket sale on Friday. This will run for 24 hours, but I reckon we’d be lucky to get a minute out of it.

Finally, general public ticket sales will kick off on Friday 30th June at 10:00am for Sydney and 2:00pm for Melbourne. It’s going to be an absolute bloodbath, so prepare yourself.

What are the Australian tour dates for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?

  • Friday 16th February: Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Saturday 17th February: Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Friday 23rd February: Accor Stadium, Sydney
  • Saturday 24th February: Accor Stadium, Sydney
  • Sunday 25th February: Accor Stadium, Sydney

That’s it! Good luck with purchasing tickets to The Hunger Games Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and may the odds be ever in your favour.

On that note, does anyone have a Frontier pre-sale code I could borrow? Cheers.