10 Eras Tour Outfit Ideas If You’re Lucky Enough To Be Seeing Taylor Swift In Concert

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If you’ve actually managed to get your mitts on Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets (lucky duck!), you’ve probably wondered a thousand times about your Eras tour outfits. And if you didn’t managed to snag tickets and are living your delulu fantasies it will still happen (I admire your optimism, babes), then you might be imagining what you WOULD wear to the Eras Tour. Am I right?

Would thou be one of those hot Speak Now girls in cowboy boots and a cute frilly dress living it up on front-row floor seats? Or would you be more of a Reputation girlie that’s absolutely going to wear the darkest possible lipstick shade and @ all your enemies in your Instagram Stories? Love that for you (but I’m also equally terrified of you).

Perhaps you’re more of a Folklore girly (it’s me, hi) and are planning on donning your fanciest cardigan despite the sweltering heat we’re bound to endure in February. Alternatively, you might be one of those people that just want to be covered head-to-toe in glitter and sequins and look like a giant mirrorball (no, not the sad one).

Need tickets to go with that outfit? Yeah, makes sense. We’ve also thrown together a guide on which resale sites are legit if you want to buy Taylor Swift tickets.

To help your creative juices flow and prep for the greatest day of your life (no, I’m not being dramatic), we’ve rounded up some of the best outfit inspiration for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour based on each of her albums.

Oh, and if you’re making friendship bracelets to swap at the concerts with fellow Swifties, you can find out guide to those over here.

Eras Tour Outfits: What To Wear To The Taylor Swift Concert If U Don’t Want To Look Like A Christian Republican

Taylor Swift Debut Outfit Ideas

Taylor Swift’s debut album is the epitome of all things yeehaw. Think: denim shorts, cowboy boots, flowy dresses, acoustic guitars, and awfully bedazzled belts that sit on top of dresses (please, let’s not bring these back).

It’s giving Christian girl in the deep South whose dad owns a shotgun and has yucky Republican views (AKA insufferable).

But because you’re not a Christian girl from the deep South, I bet you’ll look as cute as a button!

Debut Album Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Denim
  • Cowboy boots
  • Flowy mini dresses
  • Straw hats
  • Butterfly jewellery
  • Bible

Fearless Outfit Ideas

Keep the cowboy boots on hand — you’re gonna need ’em.

Fearless era is kind of similar to the Debut era but a whole lot less Republican and waaaay more fun.

The brief here is white and gold. Essentially, you want to look like a Christmas tree ornament. Hot.

The main attraction here is a sparkly gold dress.

Once you’ve nailed that, pair it with some cowboy boots (preferably white) and some red lipstick. Soon, you’ll be on your way to being a bonafide Taylor Swift clone, just like this girl below.

Fearless Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • A gold or yellow dress
  • White or gold cowboy boots
  • Gold jewellery
  • Tassels
  • Red lipstick

Speak Now Outfits Ideas

Speak Now girlies are honestly elite. The epitome of “looks nice, but will fight you” (Better Than Revenge, anyone?)

To nail the look, you’re going to want to find pretty much anything purple. If your local Vinnies isn’t pulling through, you could also opt for a white fit with over-the-top purple accessories, like feather boas, heart-shaped sunnies, and handbags.

Speak Now Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Purple clothing
  • Sequins
  • Light blue denim
  • White sneakers
  • Butterfly clips
  • Hot pink accents
  • A love for Hayley Williams and prayers for a Misery Business/Better Than Revenge collaboration

Red Outfits Ideas

Arguably the best Taylor Swift album (fight me).

If your wardrobe is overflowing with red, white and black pieces, you might be a cool candidate for Red Eras outfit gal.

This is also the era of the bedazzling — so if you fancy glueing hundreds of thousands of sequins to your ‘fit for some god-forsaken reason, you’ll fit right in.

The only essential for a Red ‘fit is to wear red lipstick or face the wrath of millions of Taylor Swift fans. I don’t make the rules.

Red Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Black and white striped shirts
  • Heart-shaped glasses
  • All red everything
  • Printed t-shirts
  • Red lipstick
  • Bowler hats (pls no)

1989 Outfits Ideas

For 1989 fans, you’ll want to find anything that’s bedazzled and glittery, especially in silver tones. Glitter at a Taylor Swift concert? Groundbreaking.

The key difference in 1989 eras ‘fits is that they’re slightly more modern and masculine than her other eras. Kind of like if you decided to bedazzle the fuck out of whatever shitty suit you wear to your corporate office job. Ya feel?

1989 fits are also surprisingly normie. Sure, you’ve got your rainbow sequined jumpsuits, but you could also just sport some denim and Cons and say you’re channeling Taylor during that New York summer (never forget).

1989 Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Blue denim
  • Rainbow sequins
  • Converse
  • New York merchandise (it’s time to whip out your I Love NY shirts)
  • Metallic, mermaid-like finishes
  • An enduring love for gentrification, especially in New York

Reputation Outfits Ideas

I’m just gonna say it — Reputation era Taylor was the most iconic Taylor we’ve seen yet.

If your wardrobe is as black as your soul, you’ll fit right in with the Reputation girlies. Think clothes that are darker than your soul, almost-black lipstick, and a whole lot of attitude.

But remember, this is still a Taylor Swift concert so you won’t want to go full emo goth mode (my regular state of being). Instead, elevate your pieces with exciting textures, sequins, a whole lot of mesh, and so much leather your entire bussy is gonna be sweltering all night. Fishnet could also work well here, but it might be bloody hot given the concerts in February. Oh well, anything for the fit.

To top the whole outfit off, don’t forget to call your ex and call him a snake mid-set. The night will end with a bang!

Reputation Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • All black everything
  • Leather
  • Mini skirts
  • Mesh
  • Dark lipstick
  • Lots of eyeliner
  • Pet snake
  • Attitude

Lover Outfits Ideas

If you want to look like bubblegum has jizzed all over you, Lover should be right up your alley.

These are the classic outfits you’ll usually see in Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert videos, with head-to-toe fits sprayed with bright and bubbly pinks, rainbows, and lavender purples.

It’s easily the dreamiest and the most aesthetic of the albums, but if you don’t want to look like a A) a cloud or B) a big pink balloon, you can also tone it down and just sport some hearts and glitter with a normal outfit.

If you want to spice up your look even more, you could also sport the Lover heart on your face — a pink, glitter heart around your eyes, similar to what Taylor wore in her album cover.

Check it out below:

Lover Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Pink! (Seriously, so much pink)
  • Heart shaped jewellery
  • Glitter and rhinestone-filled makeup
  • White cowboy boots
  • Sequined pants
  • White, pink, light blue and lilac colour palette
  • Feather boas
  • Coloured cowboy hats
  • Tears, to mourn the split of Joe Alywn and Taylor Swift

Folklore Outfits Ideas

Okay book nerds, listen up. First, who hurt you? Second, I hope you’ve got some cardigans handy.

Folklore girlies will want to channel their Earth signs (you’re a Virgo, aren’t you babes?) and live out their full cottagecore dreams.

If you want to dress up as Taylor’s best album (sorry, 1989 stans), you’ll want to employ the help of milkmaid-style shirts, flowy dresses in earthy tones, and plenty of florals.

It’s giving frolicking through a field, gently picking flowers.

Folklore Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Cardigans
  • Milkmaid-style necklines
  • Long cottagecore dresses
  • Maxi skirts in earthy tones
  • Mary-jane shoes
  • Plaid
  • Hair ribbons

Evermore Outfits Ideas

Ah, Evermore. It’s giving little sister energy — always forgotten (despite having the greatest song Tay’s ever written, Right Where You Left Me!!!).

Similarly to Folklore, you’ll want to channel earthy tones. It’s still cottagecore, but it’s far more autumnal, with more brown and red tones.

Essentially, you want to look like you’re heading to a Renaissance festival and are about to get into a mighty heave-ho with a bard. If Folklore is an English class, then Evermore is Modern History.

With Evermore, we’ve entered our yeehaw era again slightly, so prepare to channel cowgirl energy with brown cowboy boots and of course, a cowboy hat.

As the creator below says, “It’s still foraging vibes, but we’re foraging for mushrooms this time.”

Evermore Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Brown!!!
  • Plaid skirts and shirts
  • Comfy socks
  • Doc Martens or darker Converse
  • Cardigans
  • Brown cowboy hats
  • Brown cowboy boots
  • That red plaid jacket

Midnights Outfits Ideas

Buckle up, bitch. We’re going to space!!! If you’re dying for a reason to re-use that space cowboy costume you made back in 2019, the Eras Tour might be the perfect time.

Midnights is all about stars, moons, and sequins. Like if Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks dressed up for a Taylor Swift concert — witchy AF but with a touch of sparkle.

Midnights also takes heavy inspiration from the 70s, so you could also rock an orange velvet pantsuit and feel right at home.

Think dark blue, lavender, black, and darker tones with glam undertones.

Midnights Eras Tour outfit inspiration list:

  • Celestial AF
  • Dark blue with gold accents
  • Black, glam shirts
  • All the space accessories you can find
  • Silver, sequined dresses
  • Space cowboy

…aaaand that’s it! I, for one, cannot wait to see everyone dressed like shiny disco balls.

Oh, and if you’re not sure what kind of makeup look to pair with your ‘fit, we’ve got that covered right over here.