Taylor Swift Has Announced Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) & Can Someone Check On John Mayer?

Taylor Swift

You better check on that special Swiftie that’s in your life ‘cos  Taylor Swift has just confirmed that Speak Now will be the next album to be re-recorded!!!

If you’ve been keeping up with all the TayTay Swift news, you’d know by now that miss girl is busy with her Eras Tour. During a concert in Nashville, USA, the “Anti-Hero” singer announced that her 2010 album — which features my fave song “Mean” — will be getting the Taylor’s Version treatment.

Before going on with the concert, Swift told the audience: “If you would direct your attention to that back big screen behind there…”

All the televisions on the stage then displayed a photo of Swift with her iconic country curls and puffy purple dress next to the words, “Speak Now Taylor’s Version Available July 7”.

Speak Now is a very special album in Taylor’s career (in my opinion) because it featured a bunch of hit songs, including “Dear John”, “Mean”, “Sparks Fly” and “Enchanted”. Plus with the album being released in 2010, it is something that is very sentimental to my childhood.

As mentioned earlier, “Mean” had a chokehold on me as an 11-year-old, and that music video always just struck a chord. ‘Til this day it just gets me in my feels.

Speak Now will be the third album that Swift has re-recorded after Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version), which both dropped in 2021. She also sneakily dropped her version of “This Love” and “Wildest Dreams” in 2022.

ICYMI: Swift announced that she’d be re-recording her first six albums because the record label she was signed to while making these pieces of pop-culture art owned the masters, AKA the original recordings. The company then sold them to Scooter Braun and the whole thing became a musical war.

To remedy the situation and take back her craft, Swift made the choice to re-record the albums.

And NGL, I enjoy Taylor’s Versions more because they give you a whole new perspective on the lyrics, the instruments and the emotions that Swift expresses through her craft. Like OG “Wildest Dreams” will never compare to “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version).”

The Swifites definitely won this weekend, despite the Matty Healy dating rumours.