Taylor Swift Has Added Three New Shows To Her Eras Tour So Maybe There *Is* Hope For Perth

Taylor Swift performs during opening night of the Chicago Eras Tour

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that Taylor Swift is bringing her Eras Tour to Australia in 2024. At the moment, the sequinned songstress is only playing in two cities — but a lil’ announcement in Southeast Asia could mean more Aussie shows are on the horizon.

Taylor Nation, the v. authoritative Twitter account for all things T-Swizzle, announced on Sunday that the “Love Story” singer added three new shows to the Singaporean leg of her Eras Tour.

“Singapore will be singing even more … at three NEW SHOWS just added to #SingaporeTSTheErasTour!”

Before the new shows were added, Swift was booked to perform in the Southeast Asian city on March 2, 3 and 4.

Now, call us opportunists or simply delulu, but if Swift expanded her Eras Tour in Singapore, what’s stopping her from doing the same in Australia?

I mean, Ticketek literally said the demand for tickets will far outweigh the actual amount on offer, so Swifties across the nation are well and truly chomping at the bit for a chance to see their leader in action. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, people!

The idea of Swift fanging on a few more shows to the Australian leg of her Eras Tour also isn’t too strange when you look at the gal’s busy schedule.

Taylor Swift will be performing two Eras Tour gigs in Melbourne, and another three in Sydney, in February 2024. Here are the specific dates:

  • Friday, February 16: Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Saturday, February 17: Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • Friday, February 23: Accor Stadium, Sydney
  • Saturday, February 24: Accor Stadium, Sydney
  • Sunday, February 25: Accor Stadium, Sydney

Before her first Australian show, however, Swift will be living it up in Tokyo, Japan, with her last performance at the Tokyo Dome being on February 10.

And then after she wraps things up in Sydney, her next Eras Tour concert will be in Singapore on March 2.

Obviously, the “You Belong With Me” songstress is going to need a breather between gigs because, you know, world tours are a bit bloody stressful and exhausting. I can’t even catch a flight from Perth to Melbourne — which is less than five hours, thank you — without feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus, so I genuinely cannot even begin to fathom the immense toll all this flying would have on Miss Swift. Not to mention the performing, having a brief fling with Matty Healy, et cetera.

But also, Swift does have a few nights free between her shows in Tokyo and Melbourne, and then Sydney and Singapore. Surely she could nip up to Brisbane — which was apparently being considered for the Eras Tour — or even scoot over to Perth? If it’s good enough for Coldplay, the fair city is surely sufficient for one Taylor Swift.

For the lucky ducks who live in a city with confirmed tour dates, or who are willing to fly in especially, make sure you peruse our guide which runs through how to actually cop tickets to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Godspeed!

Image credit: Getty Images / Shanna Madison / Chicago Tribune/