I’d Like To Speak W/ One (1) Person Who Has Managed To Buy Taylor Swift Tickets Today

It’s the second most stressful day of the year (the most stressful will be this coming Friday, of course) as the Frontier Member’s pre-sale for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour kicks off.

As I write this, I currently have two computers open. I am waiting in the Ticketek lobby. I am watching that blue line taunt me as the page refreshes every 10 seconds, pausing every so often as if to get my hopes up and dangle a giant Taylor Swift-sized pickle right in front of my face.

But as group chats go wild across Australia, one thing is for sure — most of us have not gotten through to the elusive ‘Buy Tickets’ page.

Please, please — I’d love to speak with even just ONE person who has managed to get tickets today. Oh god, we’re all going to need to buy resale tickets, aren’t we?

A Ticketek spokesperson has told PEDESTRIAN.TV that over four million people across Sydney and Melbourne were trying to secure tickets today, breaking a new record.

Saddest. Record. Ever.

Both Sydney and Melbourne’s pre-sale has now SOLD OUT. If you were unlucky and missed out on tix, you’ll need to enter the battle royale that is Friday’s general sale (see you there, babes).

A quick scroll on Twitter tells a similar story — everyone is looking at the blue bar of death.

Is the Taylor Swift Sydney pre-sale sold out?

The Sydney pre-sale has now officially sold out, which means that unlucky Swifites (AKA me) will have to try their luck on Friday’s general sale.

Is the Taylor Swift Melbourne pre-sale sold out?

Melbourne’s pre-sale has now officially sold out, with Ticketek issuing a statement on their Twitter.

If you haven’t managed to nab tickets, you’ll need to try your luck in Friday’s general sale.

What should I do?

During the sale, Ticketek released a statement via Twitter assuring Swifties that people were getting tickets and to just hold tight.

Unfortunately, we now know that many people have missed out on tickets and will have to try their luck on Friday’s general sale.

So you’re telling me not to throw my computer out the window? Got it.

“Lots of Swifties are looking to make their Wildest Dreams come true by securing Taylor Swift tickets right now,” the statement read.

The Ticketek site is working and fans are successfully purchasing tickets.”

Jeez, must be real nice.

We recommend having your Ticketek account details and payment info ready as there are lots of Swifties that are excited to Shake It Off this summer!

“Please Stay Stay Stay on the page and don’t refresh your browser. The page refreshes itself frequently to let more fans through to purchase. Sit tight, your turn is coming!”


Should I refresh my browser?

Ticketek has given us strict instructions to not refresh our browser.

But for science, our resident Entertainment Reporter – Laura – did the dirty and refreshed it.

The result? Nada. Nothing. It doesn’t work.

So I guess we’re all going to sit tight for the next eight hours and pray to the Norse Gods to get through. Please, lord.