IT’S HAPPENING: Extra Tickets To Taylor Swift’s Aussie Eras Tour Are About To Go On Sale

If you’re a Swiftie who has only just come to terms with the fact that you might not see Taylor Swift live at an Australian Eras Tour gig, I’ve got some news that is about to rock your fkn world. More tickets to the Melbourne and Sydney shows have become available and they go on sale this week. This WEEK!!!!

Please join me in a communal guttural scream of joy before we proceed.


Great, much better.

Bright and early on Thursday, Ticketek announced that fans will have another shot at the T-Swizzle golden ticket.

“It’s no secret that The Eras Tour is the hottest ticket around, with unprecedented demand breaking records in Australia,” the announcement read.

Australian fans now have another opportunity to secure tickets in Melbourne and Sydney. Due to the demand, additional tickets including partially-obstructed side view tickets will be released with prices starting from $79.90.”

$79.90 to breathe the same air as Miss Taylor Swift? A bargain!!!!

For the Sydney shows, tickets go on sale via Ticketek at 10am AEST and the Melbourne allocation goes on sale at 4pm AEST on Friday, November 10.

Taylor swift Australian eras tour
Hands up for our girl!!!! (Image Source: Getty Images /Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Now, if we’ve learnt anything from the last time tickets went on sale, it’s that getting tickets to a Taylor Swift show isn’t easy. In fact, it’s pretty likely that the demand will outweigh the allocation of tickets and create another wave of devastated Swifites who will have to settle for the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film instead.

So to make sure you’re in with a chance on Friday, make sure to double-check that your Ticketek account and payment details are up to date. Set an alarm to jump onto Tiketek 15 minutes before they go on sale.

Do NOT — I repeat —DO NOT leave the Lounge page or refresh your browser to see if you’re still in the queue. It’ll straight up put you to the back of the queue, despite what people claimed on TikTok. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the timer to make sure you’re timed out before your purchase goes through.

taylor swift eras tour
This is gonna be us!!!!! (Image Source: Getty Images / Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

God, colour me HYPED. Make sure you’re on your A-game tomorrow because I’ll see you in that Tiketek line.

Game on molls!!!!