‘Not Approved’: Turns Out There Was A Big Whoopsie With That Taylor Swift Sydney Ticket Release

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets Australia

After an extra release of tickets for Taylor Swift‘s four Sydney concerts sent Swifties into a tizz on Thursday morning, there’s now a twist in the tale.

Early on Thursday, Accor’s official site detailed a ticket release for October 3, but then started to redirect to a broken link.

A screenshot from Accor ALL’s site showed details of Taylor Swift Eras tour tickets being released. Credit: Accor

A spokesperson for Accor Stadium told PEDESTRIAN.TV that “Accor Stadium has not announced a new release of Taylor Swift tickets and has no knowledge of a ticket release.”

Later on Thursday, a spokesperson for Frontier Touring said: “Stories in the media today that Taylor Swift The Eras Tour tickets will be available through the Accor Live Limitless program are incorrect. Accor is not approved for this activity and have confirmed they will be removing this offer immediately.  

“We remind fans that the only safe – and approved – avenue to secure tickets is through the official ticketing agency for the tour, Ticketek.”

The Accor site originally detailed how many “Reward points” you would need to nab tickets.

It also seemed like there will be a way to bid for other members’ points, and a way to win points in a draw.

The site said “details to come”, but has now disappeared.

There’s still hope though! Earlier in the week we reported that fans were convinced Taylor Swift was about to drop a fresh batch of unreleased tickets for the Aussie leg of her Eras Tour.

If you cast your mind back to June, you’ll remember that the internet was absolute carnage as Swifties battled the Ticketek waiting room for tickets to one of the Shake It Off singer’s seven shows down under.

Unsurprisingly, tickets sold out faster than you can say, “fuck Jake Gyllenhaal“, but Ticketek held out our hope by promising a fan-to-fan ticket resale set for September 4.

And boy, did they NOT deliver. The Frontier Touring website was updated in late August, informing fans that the resale was indefinitely postponed.

“Please note that the commencement date for Ticketek Resale has been rescheduled with a new date to be advised. Fans will be provided ample opportunity to list tickets ahead of the tour,” the statement read.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to Ticketek, but they didn’t comment on why the September 4 resale was scrapped.

However, the Great War isn’t over yet because the publication also dished that industry insiders and American Swifites are speculating that thousands of “potentially obstructed side view seats” are yet to be released.

“The venue map shows a few bays where they would sell side view seats and by the looks of things that could be thousands of extra tickets,” a source said of the MCG and Sydney’s Accor Stadium.

Hold onto your red scarves, people, because it’s rumoured those tickets will drop within the next few months.

Further adding fuel to the fire, TikTok user Swifties Australia (@swiftiesaustralia) also shared a clip on Tuesday that seemingly showed three new ticket categories listed under Taylor Swift’s Ticketek page.

“Check this out on the Ticketek app today. They definitely weren’t there recently [because] I’ve been checking all the time to see if there’s been any changes,” the user said in a voice-over.

These categories teased are “C Reserve Side View – Partially Obstructed”, “F Reserve Side View – Partially Obstructed,” and “G Reserve Side View – Partially Obstructed”.

When the TikTok was shared, the new listings — which aren’t available to purchase yet — were only listed for Taylor’s four Sydney shows.

Fingers crossed those in Melbourne are granted the same opportunity when the time comes, and that they add some extra accessible seating while they’re at it.

We’ll update you on this thickening plot as more details come to light.