Swifties Rage After Eras Tour Merch Reportedly Sells Out Before Taylor Swift’s Final Aus Show

Swifties who are attending the final night of Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour in Australia are left fuming after official merch tents reportedly ran out of concert-themed goodies.

The last couple of days have been quite ~hectic~ for Aussie Swifties. The chokehold that Taylor Swift has on pop culture is so strong, that everywhere you look, her and her Eras Tour will somehow manifest out of thin air.

But we’re finally at the home stretch as Swift wraps up the Aussie leg of her tour tonight.

Although many Swifties are hoping to commemorate their Eras Tour experience with a piece of merch, it has unfortunately been reported that the official merch tents at Sydney’s Accor Stadium have run out of sizes and stock.

The bad news first surfaced this morning when one Swiftie took to the Facebook fan group “SYDNEY TSwift Eras Tour 2024” to announce that only large and extra large-sized hoodies were available for purchase.

“Just so everyone knows that is going tonight, ALL merch has now sold [out] except large and extra large hoodies,” they wrote.

“I am in the merch tent line now and had an announcement. Bit bummed out, really wanted a t-shirt and [I] am going to concert tonight.”

The Eras Tour merch. (Image source: Accor)

Swifties who didn’t see the first post were met with a second Facebook status from another fan who echoed the same bad news.

“NO stock was held to freshly supply people today. So, absolutely no merch under a size L available at any of the tents. T-shirts, bracelets & totes completely sold out,” a second Swiftie posted.

“Don’t waste your time queuing in the heat people!”

(Image source: Facebook)

Following the Facebook posts, a number of Swifties started to play the blame game on who was responsible for the lack of merchandise for night four concertgoers.

Some blamed Accor Stadium for not limiting the amount of merch one person can buy, while others pointed fingers at Swifties who weren’t attending the concert and still buying items, as shops opened two days prior to the show and several stands were located outside of the venue.

“The fact some people, who didn’t even attend a concert bought [five of] the same tee, and people actually attending couldn’t get anything, is really upsetting. Worst managed merch I’ve ever experienced in 22 years of attending concerts,” one person wrote.

“Don’t worry there is already plenty being put up for sale on [Facebook] marketplace,” another joked.

“Everyone going wants merch, but anyone could buy it outside so nothing left. I feel for those that didn’t get tickets and see why they want the merch but it sux to pay so much for tickets and not be able to get the merch you want,” wrote a third.

Someone also blamed Blink 182 fans (LOL) claiming that they saw them flocking to Taylor Swift merch stands after the band’s concert ended at Qudos Bank Arena on Friday and Saturday.

How do I get Taylor Swift Eras Tour merch if it’s sold out in Sydney?

If you’re still bummed about missing out on Eras Tour merch, Swifties can head to the official Taylor Swift Australia site to purchase some good ol’ Swift souvenirs.

This includes the Eras Tour shirts — both black and white — and three versions of the Eras Tour poster.

According to the website, the shirts, and Sydney and Melbourne posters are available for preorder and will be shipped out in mid-March.

(Image source: Taylorswift.com)

Personally, I am on the fence when it comes to the blame game.

I totally understand Swifties who want to buy Eras Tour items because they didn’t get a ticket to the show, but that being said, having merch tents outside of the stadium opens up an opportunity for scalpers. It’s a double-edged sword.

Then again, organisers should’ve over-prepped merch stands inside Accor Stadium so concertgoers with tickets could cop a piece of that sweet Swiftie merchandise.

The whole Eras Tour has been a hot mess from the Ticketek lounge to the merch stalls. It’s bittersweet that it’s coming to an end.