A Bunch Of ‘Fame Hungry’ 2024 MAFS Stars Are Reportedly Blacklisted From Aus Fashion Week

It’s all “hallelujahs” for the fashion-forward folks because a bunch of Married At First Sight (MAFS) stars have been put on a blacklist for this year’s Australia fashion week. The rumoured ban comes after last year’s drama where some reality TV stars ran amok during the big event.

It’s that time of the year again when a bunch of Australia’s biggest fashionistas rush to the streets of Sydney for the country’s fashion week.

Usually, at these events, reality TV stars, influencers and celebs are handed invites to the chic runway shows us normies can only fantasise about.

However, this time around, it is rumoured that a “select group” of 2024 MAFS stars have been nixed from Australian Fashion Week.

An insider has spilled to Daily Mail Australia that controversial couple Tori Adams and Jack ‘Jacob’ Dunkley — you know, the groom who made the “muzzle” comment — have been blacklisted from events. The industry insider said that the designers wanted “nothing to do with fame-hungry MAFS stars desperate to be seen at fashion week.”

“You won’t see the likes of Tori and Jack front row at any of our shows,” a source spilled.

(Image source: Instagram / @torileighadams)

The publication also reported that it’s unlikely Ben Walters, Ellie Dix, Jonathan McCullough and Collin Christians will be in attendance at any runway show.

“This year’s cast have really struggled to gain any traction and it’s such a massive gamble to bank on any of them to be honest,” the source continued.

The group of invited MAFS stars is not unsurprising, as the publication tipped Eden Harper, Lauren Dunn and Sara Mesa to be some of the 2024 brides making an appearance at this year’s Fashion Week.

However, Daily Mail also reported that Jayden Pywell, Tristan Black and Madeline Maxwell — who basically ghosted the show and the reunion — are “confirmed” to show up at “several shows and after parties”.

Honestly, with the behaviour of former MAFS stars, I’m not surprised that fashion folks are rumoured to be limiting their presence at their shows.

Just last year, Caroline Santos was embroiled in controversy after she was called out Michael Lo Sordo for not handing her a seat at their show.

To give you a TL;DR on the tea, Caroline approached the brand for a seat but she was called out by the social media team because she wasn’t following the account. In response, the MAFS bride said she “wasn’t following” because she “[follows] a very small amount of people not like most that follows 1k 2k plus accounts.”

(Image source: Instagram / @carolineschmidt)

Alongside Santos’ drama, serial pest Nasser Sultan, was reportedly booted from a 2023 show after he posed as a Journo.

“Security told him that they remembered him from last year and that he was on watch. They wanted him to stay clear of shows he wasn’t invited to because brands clearly didn’t want him there,” a source told Daily Mail Australia.

In 2022, old mate also allegedly stole a Fashion Week goodie bag and a seat.

As much as we do find him a “pest”, it will be interesting to see what his fame hungry self does this year to grab attention.