Here Are The MAFS Cast Who Made The Cut For Fash Week & This Will Be A Chic Bloodbath

mafs fashion week

As someone who has made mistakes when it comes to my reputation, I am absolutely here for Australian Fashion Week trying to protect its own. How are they doing that, you might ask? Well, apparently they’re not letting just any reality TV has-been into Carriageworks this year.

According to Daily Mail, Australian Fashion Week will be putting a cap on the Married At First Sight Australia divorcees and newlyweds allowed into the 2023 runway shows, in an aim to preserve the event’s integrity.

Not all MAFS cast members suck manipulative and egotistic ass, so the rumour is Australian Fashion Week will be inviting the shining (and chic) stars of this season including Janelle Han, Evelyn Ellis and Tahnee Cook.

mafs janelle han evelyn ellis
Image: Instagram @janellemyh

If you watched MAFS in 2023 (my condolences), you’ll know that Janelle is a beauty industry figure in her own right (follow her on TikTok, she is slay all day), Tahnee has worked in fashion PR and Evelyn is… Evelyn.

Editors note: Evelyn is allowed anywhere she wants and we should only be so lucky to walk on the ground she also walks on.

Apparently, Sandy Jawanda and Duncan James are also slated to attend, which I’ll allow as long as Duncan doesn’t wear the same Camilla outfit Brent Vitiello did last year.

From a street-style point of view, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lyndall Grace there, and from a healthy-standards-of-love point of view, Ollie Skelton. As for anyone else’s ripped jorts and hair gel, I would be OK if they live-streamed at home in clothes they actually paid for.

mafs lyndall grace
Image: Instagram @10dall

According to Daily Mail, one MAFS 2023 cast member has been hitting up designers to dress them, while another has emailed a brand on the schedule and pointed out the number of followers they have on the ‘gram.

Stopping and wondering who these people are speaks volumes about the cast selection this year. Are any of them to be trusted? Of course, any Daily Mail report is to be taken with a grain of saltiness (seriously, the cast are all out to get one another), but where there’s MAFS smoke there’s fire.

And where there’s MAFS stars there’s an inevitably tarnished event. I don’t make the rules. The MAFS 2022 stars shat of the institution on Australian Fashion Week last year when Olivia Frazer allegedly stole a front row seat for Bec & Bridge, and Nasser Sultan was rumoured to have flogged a FROW goodie bag.

Interestingly, former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements defended the reality stars in attendance last year.

“Everyone has the right to participate and enjoy Fashion Week and that’s not me being woke… that’s the reality,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“Yes, it’s not as elite as it used to be, but you know what? Fashion is entertainment.”

I wonder what DickTimer Cam Woods would get up to if he attended? He’s probably working out remote so we’ll never know.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on Instagram or TikTok.