MAFS Star Who Was Brutally Rejected By A Designer For AAFW Says Her Mate Leaked *Those* DMs

Married At First Sight star who was brutally rejected by a designer from attending their runway show at Australian Fashion Week 2023 has officially responded to the leaked DMs.

It’s the final day of Australian Fashion Week 2023 and influencers — mostly ex-MAFS stars — have caused some ruckus off the runway.

Controversial MAFS bride Carolina Santos was the latest star to get caught up in Fashion Week drama after a private Instagram conversation between her and Aussie fashion house Michael Lo Sordo was leaked to the media. The IG DM showed Carolina getting shut down by Michael Lo Sordo after she asked for an invite to their show.

And honestly, the leaked conversation was fucking hard to read. Like the rejection was so brutal.

Source: Instagram / @Carolinaschimidt

The reality TV star responded to the leaked Australian Fashion Week texts, telling So Dramatic! that she was “still trying to find out who” spilled the DMs to the public after she posted it to her close friends.

Carolina said: “I just shared with my close friends ‘cos I thought their [Michael Lo Sordo] response was a little weird.”

She then went on to say that she wasn’t phased by the leaked texts because asking for invites to Fashion Week is apparently “not a big deal”. NGL, if I was in her shoes, I’d probably be mortified even though it’s reportedly normal to ask for invites.

Carolina went on to explain the process of Fashion Week invitations and how influencers get into shows.

The reality TV star told So Dramatic!: “Every year, all the influencers email the PR team from the list of designers we are given asking for an invite.

“When we don’t get it, we usually are left with no response or with a polite response saying that they are at full capacity or hoping to sell out.”

Source: Instagram / @CarolinaSchimidt

She also added that she owns some Michael Lo Sordo pieces and that she wore the designer during her time on MAFS.

Earlier this week, Daily Mail Australia reported that Carolina was rejected by Michael Lo Sordo after they called her out for not following the page before asking for a seat.

The message from Michael Lo Sordo’s IG account said: “Hi Carolina, thank you for your message. It would be in my view respectful [sic] to be supporting and following the brands page before asking for free tickets or an inclusion to the anniversary show.”


In a second leaked screenshot of the conversation between the MAFS bride and the fashion brand, Carolina apologised for not supporting Michael Lo Sordo on IG.

Carolina said: “I am so sorry. I am more than happy to follow as I truly love the brand. I actually come to check out your new posts every now and then to see the new drops.

“Please don’t be offended. The only reason I wasn’t following is because, as you can see, I only follow a very small amount of people not like most that follows 1k 2k plus accounts.”

The reality TV star explained to the fashion brand that her small following count was a decision she made recently so she could keep up with her friends while protecting her mental health.

“It was becoming unhealthy, the amount of time I was spending on social media, so one of the things I did do was follow mainly friends. Even brands I work with, I only follow if they ask me to,” Carolina added.

“It’s only for my own mental healthy [sic] please do not take that personally as I do love all your designs Michael Lo Sordo is one of my favourite designers of all times.”

Unfortunately, this MAFS bride was unable to get her way into the Michael Lo Sordo show but she eventually made it to other shows.

Source: Instagram / @CarolinaSchimidt

Carolina wasn’t the first MAFS star to stir up some shit at Australian Fashion Week 2023. Serial reality TV star pest, Nasser Sultan, returned to the event this year, and OFC, he was yeeted out of one of the shows.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, an insider claimed the 56-year-old was booted from Australian Fashion Week after pretending to be a reporter.

The insider said: “Nasser was posing as a journo, asking the silliest questions. It was clear he was out of his depth. But it was quite a laugh until security got wind of it.”

“Security told him that they remembered him from last year and that he was on watch. They wanted him to stay clear of shows he wasn’t invited to because brands clearly didn’t want him there.”

Despite the embarrassing send-off, the insider revealed that the reality TV star posed for photos before being escorted out.

But with Nasser’s history at lush fashion event, you’d think they’d have some flyers at the car park warning security guards and guests about his past pest behaviour.

According to his Instagram, he’s back at Australian Fashion Week but this time, it looks like he’s made it inside for a show but OFC, there’s drama.

In his IG Story, which featured “#Influencers”, Nasser claimed that social media stars have hijacked the front row at fashion shows.

Nasser said: “Usually at these shows, the front rows are for industry and for media, but every show I’ve attended, it’s been hijacked by influencers. Now when did that ever happen?”

Source: Instagram / @official_nassersultan

Ummm, Nas mate. The call is coming from inside the house.

ICYMI: In 2022, Nasser caused some mischief during Australian Fashion Week when he nicked a goodie bag and stole a seat.

Ugh, my toes are curling at remembering this piece of tea.

A cheeky spy told So Dramatic! podcast: “Just went to a show at Fashion Week. Nasser walks in and sits frontrow and takes the frontrow-only goodie bag, then moves to the backseat, which is in the back row, and emptied the contents of the goodie bag into his own bag.”

“How embarrassing.”

The tea got more cringy when Nass was photographed sitting next to another Aus influencer, Phoebe Burgess at the Oroton show.

Wondering how a drongo like him scored a seat next to a top-notch local influencer? Welp, because he was actually sitting in journo Kate Waterhouse‘s seat.

Daily Mail Australia reported that Burgess “turned her back on Sultan as he repeatedly asked for a photo and tried to start a conversation.”

A sneaky spy told the site that after trying (and failing) to win the influencer over, Sultan “eventually gave up and walked off.”

As everyone was leaving the show, he managed to sneak a quick pic in with Burgess, which he popped up on his Insta (and misspelled her name like the moron he is).


Another influencer was also called out for their bad behaviour during Australian Fashion Week 2022.

Jadé Tuncdoruk made her return to the social scene during Australian Fashion Week 2022 following the many scandals she was embroiled in earlier that year.

In true Jarday form, she also managed to tick people off while attending the event.

The influencer was slammed for wearing Louis Vuitton, which is obvs an international designer, despite the fact that Australian Fashion Week is all about supporting local talent.

“Obviously everyone loves a high end label, but at Fashion Week, where it is all about Australian designers, it is pretty average to promote an international brand,” one pissed-off local designer told Daily Telegraph’s Confidential.

“She clearly hasn’t read the room.”

Australian Fashion Week 2022 had a plethora of pap pics and social media posts that were surprisingly reality-TV star heavy.

Everyone from Olivia Frazer to Tamara Djordjevic somehow managed to score invites to the show.

Despite the negative responses to reality stars being invited to attend Australian Fashion Week, former Vogue editor Kirstie Clements said she reckons they deserve to be there as well.

“Everyone has the right to participate and enjoy Fashion Week and that’s not me being woke… that’s the reality,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“Yes, it’s not as elite as it used to be, but you know what? Fashion is entertainment.

“The audience is just as important as what is on the catwalk and I personally love to see all the different kinds of people in the front row.”

She added, “‘It’s great that they feel that they have the right to participate rather than feeling shut out.

“Fashion can’t afford to be like that anymore, it’s a numbers game and it should be something that is enjoyed by everyone regardless of what their background is.”

The other MAFS seat-stealer during Australian Fashion Week 2022 was polarising bride Olivia Frazer, who apparently snuck into the first row after being seated in the second row.

An onlooker told Daily Mail Australia that Olivia was supposed to have been seated next to them in row #2 at the Bec + Bridge fashion show.

“I noticed Olivia mingling with people in the front row and trying to work out where she was sitting,” the insider said.

“She looked over to the empty seats next to me, pointed and said, ‘Oh, 10 and 11, that’s us’, quite loudly.”

Credit: Getty.

Even though she noticed the error, apparently, she picked up a gift bag, popped it under the seat and sat down anyway

“Towards the start of the show, one woman came up to the [front] row and said to the usher she was meant to be sitting there, but there was no room,” the spy added.

“The usher made everyone squish up to fit this woman on the end.”

Not long after, the gal whose seat she apparently stole rocked up and was forced to sit in Olivia’s second row seat.

“The woman next to me was mad,” the spy said.

“She was muttering to herself throughout and getting increasingly frustrated with not being able to get a good video of the runway over the heads of the people in the front row.”

Olivia’s rep confirmed that she did, indeed, sit in the front row, but insisted that “no one complained” about her being there.

“Olivia was chatting with actor and author Suzan Mutesi,” they said.

“When Olivia stood up to leave, Suzan implored her to stay and watch the show with her as they know each other and are good friends. So she stayed.”

Meanwhile, feuding ex-MAFS brides Jules Robinson and Mel Lucarelli were “strategically seated on opposites sides of the runway,” according to Daily Mail Australia.

And if ya felt like shit for not going to Australian Fashion Week in 2022 or 2023, don’t worry. Amongst the ruckus caused by reality TV stars last year, living legend Abbie Chatfield shared an IG Story from bed in which she exposed how bloody boring the show actually is.

“If you’re feeling sad about all the influencers going to Fashion Week, just know they’re having, like, the most boring, awful small talk with each other while they wait to get a photo in front of that brick wall. Like, just know that,” she said.

Too true, doll. TOO TRUE!

For now, we only know two stars/influencers who have caused some drama this week, but I predict more goss will surface by the end of the week.