Anna Wintour Has Revealed The Dodgy Deeds That Will Cop Celebs A Life Ban From The Met Gala

Anna Wintour, the evil overlord of Vogue who also presides over the Met Gala, has revealed what it takes to cop ya a life ban from fashion’s night of nights.

Speaking to CBS Mornings, she and Met Gala mastermind Andrew Bolton said that smoking or touching the artwork at the ceremony will cause a celeb’s name to be scrubbed from future guest lists.

She also revealed what celebs can do to be noticed by her and receive a coveted invite.

Watch the shady chat below:


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Ahead of today’s Met Gala, let’s delve into some sneaky fash tea, including some stars who have been snubbed, banned or have boycotted the event.

First up, we’ve just copped the list of attendees and among the ~rumoured~ guests are, including Kim Kardashian who was rumoured to be banned from the event after last year’s shitshow.

In light of this intel, let’s suss the stars who have vowed to never attend again and folks who have flat-out been banned by Anna Wintour herself.

Boycotted the Met Gala


The comedian’s first and last time attending fashion’s night of nights was at the 2010 ball.

Following the event, she had some pretty brutal things to say.

“If you had a million arms and all the people you would punch in the whole world, they’re all there,” Tina told David Letterman years later.

“It is so unbelievable. Clearly, I’ll never go again. But you go, and it’s this beautiful space and it’s just every jerk from every walk of life is there wearing, like, some stupid thing.”


Fellow comedian Amy Schumer had a similar review of the Met Gala.

Recounting her experience to Howard Stern, Amy said: “It’s people doing an impression of having a conversation. I don’t like the farce. We’re dressed up like a bunch of fucking assholes.”

Amy added, “I have no interest in fashion. I don’t care. I left earlier than I should have been allowed. I got to meet Beyoncé and she was like, ‘Is this your first Met Gala?’ And I was like, ‘It’s my last!’”

Sounds like a bit of a trainwreck, aye?

Blacklisted from the Met Gala


Fash designer Tim Gunn was once a regular fixture at the Met Gala but after divulging some wild shit he once witnessed, he has officially been blacklisted.

Appearing on E!’s Fashion Police, Gunn revealed what got him permanently blocked from the event.

“It is a crazy story, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a very matter-of-fact story,” he said.

“I was asked what is the most unforgettable thing I’ve ever seen in fashion and I said, ‘It’s easy. It was watching Anna Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs by two body guards — two big hulking men — from a fashion show. All hell broke loose. It was insane. We’ve had an open war ever since.”

He added that he’s been “forever disinvited” from the event.

God, I wish he’d gotten footage of that!


While being interviewed by James Corden, Anna Wintour was asked which celeb she’d never invite back to the event and she said old mate Donald Trump.

No specific reason was given but, I mean, does she need one?

The Met Gala 2023 is kicking off v. soon so stayed tuned for all the fash tea!