We Now Know Why Anna Wintour Was Pissed At Kim Kardashian At Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Show

I think I can speak for most of the internet when I say that I’m high-key growing tired of the Kardashians‘ antics of this millennium. From the “get your fucking ass up and work” video, to the never-ending sisterly beefs, I am so donezo. And now, fashion icon and Vogue‘s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, was reportedly “ticked off” by Kim Kardashian and insiders have spilled why.

Although France is currently being overrun with a terrible bed bug infestation, it’s also been swarmed by celebs — like the KarJenners, Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and more — for its extravagant Paris Fashion Week.

In footage from Victoria Beckham‘s fashion show, which took place at highly probbo Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld‘s home, Kim can be seen walking in as the rest of the guests waited for the show to begin. According to Page Six, Victoria’s show was held up due to Kim’s tardiness, leaving many people waiting.

In the video, which has gone gangbusters on social media, Kim is seen walking towards Wintour, who is sitting with her arms crossed, her iconic boss-ass bob and designer glasses in place.

Before awkwardly sitting next to the Vogue boss and her mother, Kris Jenner, Kim hugged David Beckham.

The video then cuts to Kim and David sitting next to each other without Wintour in sight.

(Image source: Twitter / @PopBase)

Inside sources who were present during the awkies encounter have spilled the beans on what Wintour thought about the reality TV star’s tardiness. Pictures (which you can view here) also show the Vogue boss looking extra annoyed with Kim.

“Kim was super late. Anna was pissed because the show was delayed until Kim arrived,” the anonymous insider told Page Six.

“Anna left before Victoria even did her walk in front of the guests after showing the collection because she was late to other shows.”

According to UK’s The Telegraph head of fashion, Lisa Armstrong, Wintour was “visibly unamused” with Kim’s tardiness.

“The Kardashians’ fashion show routine is to keep everyone waiting at least 50 minutes before ‘making their entrance,’” Armstrong wrote.

“At Victoria Beckham on Friday, Anna Wintour was visibly unamused, tapping her watch repeatedly in the direction of the PRs before the show finally started once les Kardashians had swept in.”

Although it seems that Wintour was annoyed with Kim’s lateness, other sources told Page Six that the pair were chatting.

One anonymous tea spiller even claimed that Kim and Kris weren’t even that late to Victoria’s show.

“Kim and Kris arrived at 5.50pm so they were only 20 minutes late,” the insider told the publication.

“The show would have started without [Kardashians], but [Beckham’s team was] not ready backstage… shows don’t usually start right at the invite time. Usually, they start 20-40 minutes after the allotted time.”

Honestly, I am not an Anna Wintour apologist at all, but I can totally see where the frustration lies.

Fashion Week definitely seems like a fun time for celebs. You’ve got the looks, the paparazzi, supermodels and the parties. BUT for workers in the industry, time is money and delaying a whole show truly screws with everything.

Then again… both Wintour and Kim are rich AF, so they have all the time in the world.

Now, I don’t feel bad for anyone.