Why Folks Reckon Doja Cat Might Have Pissed Off Anna Wintour With Her Antics At The Met Gala

doja cat met gala

Ah, Doja Cat. A harbinger of chaos, a woman for no one but herself and yet a woman of the people nonetheless. Doja was ON one last night at Met Gala 2023, but one of her antics might actually cause some beef with real-life Miranda Priestly Anna Wintour.

Doja’s debut at the Hunger Games-esque gala stoked the flames from the moment she stepped onto the red carpet thanks to her cheeky Choupette-inspired look, complete with a prosthetic cat nose, ears and gleaming cat claws.

Given the Karl Lagerfeld theme was almost certainly an attempt by Anna Wintour to reign in the increasingly cartoonish (and super fun!) celebrity outfits that have her ball looking more like a Halloween party than a prestigious (read: pretentious) gala, I’m sure she was fkn seething.

But Doja, unphased queen, kept the joke alive and even answered pretty much every interview question with a “meow”, which I am convinced Vogue would have hated.

Aaaaand she also brazenly vaped at the Met Gala, even blowing out clouds of vapour in front of cameras, despite smoking being vehemently against the rules.

Which, of course, has led to some speculation that this could nix any future Met Gala events, Page Six reports. Especially since 2023 was her first one.

The thing is, the rules are kind of vague in what actually counts as smoking.

Doja told Interview in April that she had made the move to “zero nicotine” vapes. At the time she said she’d been on them for 10 weeks, and a source told Page Six the vapes she was using at the Met Gala were just flavoured water ones.

It’s unclear whether no-nicotine vapes counts under the smoking ban, but I suspect Anna Wintour would not be happy about someone blowing a billowing cloud of smoke in live interviews of her event. While also refusing to participate in said interviews. Especially considering she once said smoking at the gala is the quickest way to ensure you won’t be invited back.


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Sure, other celebrities who have smoked at the event have been invited back — but they didn’t smoke in the background of someone’s Vogue interview.

I hope it all works out, though — the Met Gala needs Doja Cat’s lawless energy IMO. Otherwise it would be a lot less fun for us to watch.