From Celebs Macking On To Ex Drama, Here’s All The Wild Shit That Went Down At Met Gala Parties

Happy Met Gala 2023 tea day to all who celebrate! You know, the day when all of the gossip from fashion’s biggest night comes out of the woodwork and into our greedy little hands. And let me tell you, this one is a doooooozy.

So go get a cuppa, maybe even a bikkie for sustenance, and prepare yourself for a bunch of tea we’ve sourced from our favourite gossip mongers Vanity Fair, Page Six, Vogue, and E! Online and of course, some sneaky spots of gossip from Deuxmoi.

1. FKA Twigs ditched it when she saw her ex

It’s all fun and games until you run into your ex on a night out. Especially when your ex is with their hot new partner. FKA Twigs found herself in that situation when she was attending a Met Gala afterparty at a venue called the Box hosted by business man Richie Akiva, Doja Cat and Diddy.

Sources told Page Six that she was having a great time with her new BF Jordan Hemingway until she spied her ex-fiancé Robert Pattinson with his new partner Suki Waterhouse. Instead of ignoring him like many of us (me) would do, she decided to yeet herself out of there through the back door.

2. Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny arrived at an after party together

I can’t tell if it’s because they’re continuing their PR relationship marketing or whether they’re just a legit couple doing things together but Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny rocked up to the afterparty at the Box together. And according to a Deuxmoi, they left together too.

Controversial opinion but I think Kendall’s outfit might be my favourite afterparty look. (Image Credit: Getty Images /Shareif Ziyadat)

3. Kylie Jenner and Chance the Rapper were turned away from an after party

When Kylie Jenner rocked up to the after party at the Box just after midnight, fans were surprised to see her be turned away at the door. She was heading to the venue to meet up with Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny who were already inside before being told it was too full.

As a noted VIP, Kylie could have waited for organisers to take her through a side door, she decided to go home instead which is obviously a huge mood. And apparently, Chance the Rapper also got turned away from the party.

4. Kristen Stewart packed on the PDA

Naturally, Kristen Stewart and her fiancé Dylan Meyer hit up the Chanel afterparty after the Met Gala. They weren’t afraid of having a saucy pash on the dance floor à la me at Scary Canary when I was 19.

5. Florence Pugh and Ashley Park are besties

Buzz cut enthusiast Florence Pugh and Beef star Ashley Park didn’t just party the night away together. They spent the whole day together, kicking off the big day with a walk through Central Park. They were spotted rocking up to an afterparty at the Boom hand in hand and hung out with Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

Uh, I’m going to need some time off to write a totally innocent fanfic about Florence and Ashley. Totally innocent, I swear.

6. Cara Delevingne was hitting on an A-list singer

According to a blind item, a “foreign born A-list model/bad actress” was trying her best to convince an “A-list depressing singer” to “hang out later”. Commenters have connected the dots speculating that the celebs in questions were Cara Delevingne and Phoebe Bridgers. Sadly for Cara her pursuit didn’t work out. Bummer!

7. Rihanna won’t let her pregnancy stop the music

She may be up the duff but that won’t stop Rihanna from rockin’ on the dance floor, feelin’ naughty. An insider source told Page Six that they spotted the Fenty Beauty visionary rock up to Virgo night club with her partner A$AP Rocky just after 4am. Inside, she had a table held for her and a bunch of people who were staying put inside the club until her eventual arrival.

8. Some celebs actually turned up on time

Unlike Rihanna and A$AP, or actually most celebrities for that matter, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas arrived to Virgo nightclub on time for the after party. It’s very down to earth energy from the siblings but I bet they were confused when the whole room was empty. First dibs on the hors d’oeuvres, I guess.

9. The leaders of the dance floor

At the Chanel afterparty, Gisele Bündchen took it upon herself to get the party started, and even ushered the other celebs on the dance floor. Meanwhile, at the Nines Piano Bar, Anne Hathaway lead the charge, inspiring the other celebs to kick off their shoes and shake their asses like only the princess of Genovia could.

10. Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe malfunction

Kim Kardashian was not only paying homage to Karl Lagerfeld with her outfit at the Met Gala. I like to think she was honouring her own roots from Season One of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she did her first ever Playboy photoshoot wearing nothing but strings on pearls. Ahh, it really takes me back.

But as Kim headed back to her hotel room after the gala, her pearl necklace-adorned outfit began to unravel and a bunch of the 50,000 freshwater pearls fell off onto the ground.

During the Met Gala livestream she admitted that she was struggling with the pearls on the Schiaparelli Haute Couture design.

“I told my daughter [North West] to grab them all. They’re real pearls, and she was putting them all in her purse.”

11. Anna Wintour and Bill Nighy stir up romance rumours

The queen of the entire event, Anna Wintour, made her Met Gala 2023 debut on the arm of award-winning British actor Bill Nighy. The duo have been friends for years but once they were spotted arm in arm, viewers started to wonder whether their friendship had turned romantic.

Reps for Wintour declined to make a comment while a rep for Nighy’s camp denied the romance, telling Page Six that they “have simply been great friends for two decades. They are not in a relationship.”

Although that sounds pretty cut and dry, a source reportedly in Wintour’s close circle told the publication that they think “last night speaks for itself”.

(Image Credit: Getty /Jeff Kravitz)

12. Jared Leto is Jared Leto and brings his cat head to the afterparty

He’s known for his weird, wild and wonderful costumes at the Met Gala. But the good thing about Jared Leto is the way he always brings part of his costume to the afterparty. This time, he brought the head of his furry costume inspired by Karl Largerfeld’s cat Choupette.

You know, people always joke that a polar bear is the best way to break the ice. But maybe the secret is bringing a furry mask to every party you go to. Food for thought.

(Image credit: Instagram / Aubrey Plaza @plazadaubrey)

13. Jeremy Strong and Dame Glenn Close had a big old yarn

Succession star Jeremy Strong was seen having a long-winded chat with Dame Glenn Close at Chanel’s afterparty. Just two serious actors talking about some serious actor stuff, probably.

14. Lea Michelle had a Glee reunion

There’s nothing I love more than seeing some Gleek representation. Thankfully, Lea Michelle had a mini reunion with her Glee co-stars Jonathan Groff and Darren Criss at The Boom afterparty. Time to listen to the soundtrack again.

Come on Gleeks! (Image Credit: Getty / Lexie Moreland)

15. Diddy’s weird request

My knowledge of Diddy is quite limited. All I know is that he’s changed his stage name a bunch over the years. But now, thanks to a Deuxmoi source, I know that Diddy and his ex-girlfriend turned pal Yung Miami refused to exit the elevator of a building until the staff put five umbrellas over them just in case any rain droplets or rogue pearl’s from Kim Kardashian’s dress fell on them.

I guess you would need a bunch of umbrellas for this fit. (Image Credit: Getty / Taylor Hill)

16. Two “super nice” celebs

While we often expect a heap of blind items to talk about how douchey celebrities are, this year a bunch reported how lovely the celebs were!

Apparently, Gisele Bündchen was the “kindest woman ever” and the world’s favourite nepo baby, Maya Hawke was “super nice”.

Now that’s some sweet tea.

17. Lil Nas X’s afterparty transformation

My eyes are still recovering from Lil Nas X‘s impeccable Met Gala look where he was covered in silver glitter head to toe. Somehow, according to a source, he rocked up to the Boom Boom Room afterparty without even a spec of glitter on his body. Considering it took weeks to get rid of all the glitter on my body from World Pride, I’d like him to drop his routine.

From this…(Image Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz)
To THIS! (Image Credit: Getty / Lexie Moreland)

18. We know when a bunch of celebs rocked up and decided to call it a night

The Boom Boom Room was one of the hottest afterparties and apparently one of Deuxmoi’s faithful spies was sitting outside keeping tabs on when the celebrities decided to call it quits and head back to their hotels.

Host of the afterparty Janelle Monáe arrived fashionably late at 12:26am. So it’s fine for her but when I do it I’m a “leo who needs to think about other people”? Okay.

Jenna Ortega arrived shortly after, as did Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray. These three left pretty soon after they arrived, with the source saying that the gals looked “SO cold” and didn’t have a jacket.

Lea Michelle left at around 1:15am with her good pal Jonathan Groff. Then Keke Palmer yeeted out of there at 1:30am along with Trevor Noah. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas left the party at 1:45am via a huge black bus and then Lil Nas X said cya at 2am.

Well, that’s all we have for now. See y’all next year!