Deuxmoi Spilled Goss About The Met Gala Afterparties & TBH They Sound Better Than The Event

The 2022 Met Gala was certainly filled with choices. Many of them were bad. But after sitting on our couches and judging the fashion, everyone knows the actual best bit is the afterparties.

Usually, the Met Gala afterparties are full of gossip. So luckily tea lord Deuxmoi did an episode of their Deux U podcast breaking down all the blind items from the afterparties.

The episode also featured former TMZ reporter Dax Holt and cameraman Adam Glyn.

While the Met Gala featured a load of A-List celebs, there were a couple of big names who were missing. Queens of the Met Gala Lady Gaga and Rihanna gave the event a miss — though RiRi is famously pregnant, so fair enough.

According to Adam Glyn stars like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift were rumoured to be making an appearance. But alas, they didn’t. And the lack of big name celebs showed.

“Lot of photographers, a lot of people on the red carpet were very disappointed that this year, they felt that the talent level had gone down — there wasn’t really Hollywood royalty,” he said.

Even spicier was the reveal that some stars tried to get tickets and couldn’t. According to Holt, “there were a lot of huge stars that tried to get tickets”.

Both Holt and Glyn referenced “Hollywood royalty” celebrity couples who should’ve got tickets. But alas, they wouldn’t drop names.

Mysterious, mysterious. But what about after the carpet?

According to blind items submitted to Deuxmoi a load of celebs hit up the luxury Casa Cipriani hotel. The list included Leonardo DiCaprioMegan Thee StallionCara DelevigneVanessa HudgensGigi Hadid and Migos.

Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio was surrounded by women “rubbing their hands all over him”. Honestly, that’s really quite gross behaviour. Don’t rub people without their express consent.

Megan was also apparently done with Cara Delevigne.

“Megan Thee Stallion, Cara Delevigne and Vanessa Hudgens were at a table together in the VIP section,” the blind item said.

“Vanessa looked so stunning and was just vibing, Cara was talking Megan’s ear off. She looked annoyed”.

A different blind item said Lizzo tried to avoid Cara Delevigne on the red carpet. The blind item submitter said they worked on the Met Gala carpet in the area where celebs got out of their cars.

“Cara Delevigne kept trying to say hello to Lizzo, but Lizzo was clearly trying to keep a distance from her,” it said. Yikes! I can’t think of anything worse than pissing off queen Lizzo.

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But back to the afterparties. Shawn Mendes had his own Met Gala afterparty, which was mostly attended by people he’s on tour with.

According to Deuxmoi’s source, Shawn spent most of the night hanging out with a “gorgeous brunette”. But Shawn and Camila Cabello shippers don’t get your hopes up — it was a different brunette.

The person who submitted the blind item said Shawn was “so fucking sweet”.

Cole Sprouse was there with his girlfriend and he was complaining about some drunk girl stealing his drink,” the person added.

Honestly shoutout to the icon going round and stealing celebrities drinks for herself.

Then there was Cardi B’s Playboy Met Gala afterparty. That’s the one you really want to be invited to, surely.

According to Deuxmoi’s source, Darren Criss and Billie Eilish were lovely. And Darren Criss apparently stans his wife, which we love to hear.

“Billie is a queen and so kind… [she] said our Playboy bunny ears were hot,” the source said. Gorgeous.

Jacob ElordiEmily Ratajkowski and Lin Manuel Miranda were all there too. Imagine getting sat at a table with those three people. Truly it’d be the most cooked conversation of all time.

“[Lin] was a friendly angel sent from heaven,” they said, in great news for the Hamilton girlies.

The source also said the whole cast of Bridgerton was there. And speaking of Bridgerton — the same source who said Lizzo was avoiding Cara Delevigne also spilled some wholesome cast tea.

“The Bridgerton cast was very happy to see each other which is really cute,” they said.

Simone Ashley spent a lot of time chatting with Madelaine [Petsch] from Riverdale.”

That’s very sweet but please, no crossovers.

So there you have it: all your Met Gala gossip covered. Let’s hope next year’s event has better outfits and maybe even some hotter tea.