Australian Fashion Week’s Mother Charlene Davies Literally Served With This Dinner Table Fit

Australian Fashion Week is a time when fashion-loving folk are able to freely express themselves through the concepts they’ve managed to construct in the lead-up to the big event. Charlene Davies is one “unclassifiable” fashionista who has used the opportunity to let her creativity run wild.

It’s only Day Two of Australian Fashion Week and Charlene has captivated onlookers on the ground and over the internet with her alluring style.

On Day One, Charlene was seen strutting her stuff at Redfern Carriageworks in a plethora of outfits such as a grey maxi dress with a matching straw hat decked out with matching tassels, a pink suit with a hair necktie — inspired by Paris Fashion Week 2023 — and a remarkable blue avant-garde number.

(Image source: Instagram / @charlene_ye_davies)

However, it was her Day Two outfit that truly made a statement.

Charlene rocked up to Carriageworks — iconic bob perfectly waved with knife clips — wearing a black suit. Above the suit, she donned a full circle dinner table, complete with a dinner set, wine glasses, fine china and croissants!!!

Speaking to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Charlene said that the concept was inspired by the influx of social media comments she gets daily.

“The concept [was] coming from my Instagram,” she began as the croissants stayed perfectly placed on her shoulders.

“And a lot of the comments, like, the high frequent ones are ‘serving, serving you’re serving it’. I’m like, OK I can serve.”

Charlene also added that she loved croissants, hence why that’s what she’s serving (literally) on her fit.

On Day One of Australian Fashion Week, Charlene described her personal style as “absolutely no rules” in three words, which is made evident through her experimental, unique pieces. It’ll be awesome to see what she brings next further in the week.

If you would love to follow all of Charlene’s looks during Australian Fashion Week and beyond you can follow her at @charlene_ye_davies on Instagram.