MAFS’ Domenica Breaks Down After Addressing Podcast Controversy But Olivia Isn’t Buying It

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CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses self-harm.

Married At First Sight (MAFS) stars Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco have broken their silence after inviting Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley onto their Sit With Us podcast. They’ve defended their actions and Domenica has now opened up about how anxious she’s feeling about the whole situation.

ICYMI, Ella and Domenica have been raked over the coals by former reality TV stars, including Abbie Chatfield, who called them “traitors to feminism”. So what did they do that was so controversial? Well, the podcast hosts tried to dig into that time Jack asked Jonathan McCullough to “muzzle” his onscreen wife, Lauren Dunn. Ella and Domenica explained Jack’s behaviour, saying he was “pushed” into saying the phrase by producers and Lauren. Yikes. 

So Dramatic! had a snoop in the Facebook group where a bunch of the Sit With Us fans were complaining about the episode, and Domenica and Ella’s responses were… interesting.

Apparently, it’s fine to platform problematic views if it helps increase their podcast numbers.

Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams were guests on Sit With Us recently. (Image: Instagram @sitwithuspod)

“We don’t do these interviews just to make everyone happy or to like or dislike us more or less – we purely do them coz we now have a platform where we can! And Dom and myself are curious to know more! Living through the experience we know a lot can be missed and changed etc,” Ella allegedly told a fan.

“You have the choice to listen or not listen. These interviews especially when it’s the ones everyone says ‘don’t give them airtime’ are the episodes that go through the roof. Numbers [don’t] lie and the numbers are the highest so far with Jack and Tori!”

Domenica also weighed in, saying that she originally was “angry” after seeing how Jack behaved on MAFS. However, she wanted to give Jack a chance to fill in the gaps. 

“He has apologised and wishes he never said or did those things. I think we all make mistakes, his just happened to be on a huge TV show that millions of people watch. Once again, I’m not making excuses for him AT ALL, I am just saying that being able to give the ‘villain’ a space to speak isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” she said. 

Domenica Calarco reveals ‘anxiety and stress’ on TikTok

Domenica seemingly addressed the entire situation with a string of TikTok videos, saying she had been scratching herself due to extreme anxiety. 

“It’s a really unhealthy thing to be doing,” she told fans, revealing her scratches.

“It’s scary that this stress, this anxiety, this pressure, this feeling of failure and this feeling of ‘I’m not good enough’ and this feeling of ‘I’ve fucked up’ is manifesting itself in this way of wanting to do that to myself, wanting to run away, being really scared,” she said.

“I’m not doing it for fucking sympathy at all, because that’s not what I’m after here. I’m just putting this out there to say I am human, I’m human.”

Domenica broke down on TikTok. (Image: TikTok @domenica.calarco)

In another video, she admitted she had just been crying and needed to touch up her makeup. 

“So, this is how I bring myself back after having a cry and pretty much hating myself,” she said. 

Former MAFS stars share takedowns of Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding

Domenica has been in a never-ending feud with Olivia Frazer since the pair clashed during Season 9 of MAFS. Olivia, who was portrayed as a villain, experienced intense public backlash after the show aired, and was open about having depression and suicidal thoughts. 

In a video posted on her Instagram Story, she appeared to be speaking about Domenica – though she didn’t name her. 

She warned followers to be “smart on the internet”. “I’m sure there is content going around of, you know, excuses and crocodile tears, but before you believe it, I would implore you to look at a pattern of behaviour that has been displayed over years,” she said. 

“[Things like] inciting hate against somebody who’s weaker… who basically already had a lynch mob at their doorstep… who was gravely mentally unwell and take into consideration the lack of sympathy they showed that person at that time,” she added.

Olivia Frazer isn’t convinced by Domenica’s latest videos. (Image: Instagram @olivefrazer)

Season 10 bride Bronte Schofield also weighed in, saying: “We all have anxiety, we all have our own issues, but there comes a point where you have to look within and ask yourself if YOU are part of the problem and hold YOURSELF accountable instead of pointing the finger and using excuses.”

She called out the duo for using platforming “problematic misogynists”, calling their behaviour “classless and disappointing”. 

Fellow Season 10 bride Lyndall Grace also shared a statement on how disappointed she was in the duo, saying she used to “idolise” both Domenica and Ella. 

“I am flat-out disappointed and embarrassed. Do better, ladies,” she said.

I’m just praying that something good comes out of this whole sitch and we never have to hear Jack talk about the “muzzle” comment again.

Feature image: Instagram @olivefrazer & TikTok @domenica.calarco