POV Nation: P.E Nation Is POV Livestreaming Tomorrow’s AFW Runway

pe nation

Fashion Week is finally upon us and, if you’re anything like me and grew up bingeing Australia’s Next Top Model on the couch with a bag of Maltesers, you’ve probably had a dream or two of strutting your stuff down the catwalk. And thankfully, P.E Nation is now gonna let us all live out those dreams — at least virtually — with their POV runway livestream this AFW.

P.E Nation has teamed up with model and content creator Unice Wani for a world-first POV stream. Because why would you want to watch a fashion show when you can be *in* the fashion show?

“We initially wanted to do something fun that wasn’t just for the fashion enthusiasts, and when this idea started to gain momentum, we started to realise – we think – this might not have been done before,” co-founder and creative director Pip Edwards told PEDESTRIAN.TV of the idea.

“We weren’t fully committed to the idea until we secured the right creator, then the right apparatus, styled the right look, and everything just fell into place.”

But it’s not just the catwalk itself that you’ll get to squiz from Wani’s POV, it’s the hair, makeup, the backstage *dramaaaaa*, the whole nine yards.

“I think we all would love to see a model’s point of view at a fashion show / to go behind the scenes, see the mad rush, all the crazy backstage antics, the hair, the makeup, the people, and what really goes on back there!!!! I’m so excited to see her POV from the runway and the busy media Pitt with all her flashing lights!!!” Edwards explained.

If you ask me, it sounds like ANTM x The Hills for the TikTok generation — presumably without the trauma of Sarah Murdoch announcing the wrong winner or Lauren Conrad bailing on Paris Fashion Week for a loser boyfriend. Iconic.

It’s all part of P.E Nation‘s foray into the world of TikTok — a beast they acknowledge they’ve “not delved too deep into” before. And honestly, teaming up with a certified TikTok fashion girlie for a POV livestream truly is the best way to do it.

Wani credits TikTok for allowing her to make her fashion dreams a reality, which makes this all the more fitting considering this is the year she’ll make her first official AFW runway debut.

“Using the app has allowed me capitalise on my passion for fashion not just making it my full-time job but a career where I can continue to be myself and work with some incredibly known brands that align with my values and attributes,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

In addition to giving us all of the BTS action, the POV stream will also give us non-models an insight into the tricks of the trade.

“One thing people may not realise about walking a runway is that models will not just walk to strut, but walk a certain way to convey the mood of the clothes they are in,” Wani said.

“People also probably don’t realise how much earlier we have to get there to get ready!”

Honestly, points to Wani because modelling is one thing, but doing it while live-streaming is a whole new kettle of fish that reminds me why she’s the model and I’m the lowly writer judging Met Gala outfits in my spaghetti-stained pyjamas from the comfort of my couch.

You can tune into the P.E Nation POV livestream on TikTok from 9:30am on Tuesday 14 May.