The Hills star Audrina Patridge has just dropped her spicy new memoir Choices: To the Hills and Back Again and it features a whole heap of celebrity tea.

Throughout the book, the actress details her encounters with some of Hollywood’s hottest men including Leonardo DiCaprioChace Crawford and Chris Pine.

She also revealed that a bunch of storylines on The Hills were faked by producers for the drama, drama, drama!

For example, Patridge claimed her ex boyfriend Justin “Justin Bobby” Brescia “worked with the show to manufacture a relationship with Kristin [Cavallari] to keep him in the public eye.”

But IRL, she claimed nothing actually happened between them.

“It’s funny to think about how that could only happen before social media. Today, you would see pictures of me on Instagram with a new boyfriend while still acting like Justin and I were together on the show. It could never happen!” she wrote.

“I had moved on from Justin and was already dating someone else, but the producers wanted to keep that off-camera and have my continued focus on Justin as a romantic interest.”

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The OG cast of The Hills.

She also recounted attending a party at the home of Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt and when she tried to leave, “producers wouldn’t let me go until I had that confrontation with Kristin over Justin.”

She said: “There really wasn’t much for me to say to her. I was finished with Justin and I really didn’t care if Kristin and Justin were hanging out — especially because I knew it was just for the show.

“Still, production was adamant that we get an explosive scene. So adamant, in fact, that they blocked in my car with production vans and wouldn’t let me drive away until I fought with her. I was furious! This was way beyond anything they’d done in the past to get the scene they wanted. I literally couldn’t leave.”

She said she called her agent and lawyer to suss out what to do next. While her lawyer was on the phone to the producers, Cavallari chatted to her.

“Kristin didn’t want to wait around anymore, so she was there trying to calm me down enough to just film the scene and get it over with. We laughed about it off-camera, but on-camera, we yelled and glared and made it work,” she wrote.

“I just wanted to move on, and I felt like Justin was still creating drama for me just so he could remain relevant. It’s not like he didn’t have a thriving career outside of the show. He still did hair, and his clients included some very well-known names, including Adam Levine. The producers were egging him on and wanted to get that drama however possible. What we wanted really didn’t matter.”

Patridge said Cavallari’s relationship with Brescia “started out fake, but they began partying together behind the scenes a lot.”

She also reckons Brescia “might have started catching feelings for her, despite his more cynical intentions.” But Patridge said she “didn’t care” and “didn’t want to know.”

Patridge said she “almost preferred the fake drama to the editing of more authentic scenes.” And because there was a “gray area between what was real and what was produced,” she was initially “inspired” to create “a separate on-air persona” while filming The Hills.

“Over the course of the first season or two, we began to see that the producers would cut the footage a certain way to manufacture more drama, or they would eliminate a redemptive moment for someone who’d finally spoken her mind,” she explained.

“It’s no surprise to say that, at a certain point, we stopped trusting most of the producers. I get it; their job is to create dynamic, highly watchable television. I knew we had to meet in the middle to get the job done, but I also had to learn how to protect myself when my feelings got in the way.”

Patridge added, “They might use voice-overs to put a different spin on a scene in editing, or have another person weigh in on it, which created a whole different level of drama. Or they might simply show someone giving a nasty look from a totally different moment that had nothing to do with the conversation that was actually playing out.”

Elsewhere in the book, she also discussed the famous blokes she encountered at the height of her fame.

The reality star recounted meeting DiCaprio at a prince’s birthday party… as you do.

“I was there with a few of my castmates from the film Sorority Row, as well as Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, and even Leonardo DiCaprio,” Patridge wrote.

After the party, the group headed to a club where DiCaprio apparently flirted with her.

“This bouncer kept coming over to me and saying that Leo would like to get me a drink at his table,” she added.

“I looked over at his table and he was surrounded by supermodels. It was intimidating!” she said, adding that although she promised she would go over and say hello, she “never went.”

She claimed that the actor eventually made his way to her and introduced himself.

“I told him I knew who he was, obviously, and we chatted for a while. He asked for my phone number, and we texted a little after the trip to Vegas, but we never actually hung out,” she admitted.

Because the actor is notoriously private, she pointed out that her “constant filming for The Hills and the paparazzi attention” made it impossible for them to make anything work.

Elsewhere in the book, she also shared a flirty encounter with Chace Crawford, who you’ll recognise from Gossip Girl and The Boys.

We interviewed the dreamy bloke recently, if ya wanna suss it:

“I ran into him in Malibu at a friend’s house, and what can I say — sparks were flying,” she wrote. “We ended up staying there with our friend at this gorgeous mansion right on the beach for a long weekend, and we were just inseparable.”

She said the pair “really connected” and took their “friendship to another level.”

But once the weekend was over, Patridge claimed she turned down Crawford’s offer for a ride home. They “made promises to get together soon,” but never entered into a serious relationship.

And finally, she claimed that her role on The Hills (RIP) effectively ended her relationship with actor Chris Pine.

“He didn’t like going out and being followed by the paparazzi — he was an introvert, and very focused on his acting,” she recalled.

“I loved to go out, and of course I was usually filming The Hills, so our lifestyles were complete opposites in that sense.”

Choices: To the Hills and Back Again by Audrina Patridge is out now and there’s a heap more tea in there so get your mitts on it ASAP.

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