Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Addressed All Too Well & Taylor’s ‘Unruly’ Fans To… An Italian Mag?

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G’day Swifties, Gyllenhaal monitors and everyone else with their sanity still intact. Our favourite king of messy drama Jake Gyllenhaal has finally quashed the fan-exaggerated beef between him and Taylor Swift. Finally, I can get some sleep without having to google why Swifties were obsessed with a scarf for a whole month.

In an interview with Esquire Italia, Gyllenhaal spoke about life, fame, and the usual pitfalls that ultra-rich super-hot celebrities face in their day to day life. It was a pretty basic interview until the juicy section when he addresses Taylor Swift’s ten-minute song about him, “All Too Well”.

Thankfully, the following has been translated from Italian by a Jake Gyllenhaal stan account which purchased the mag. We love the work you do stans, we really do.

“It’s her way of expressing herself,” said Gyllenhaal.

“Artists draw on their personal experiences to write songs and I’m not angry with her.

He also addressed the craziness of Taylor Swifts supporters, who were painting him to be much more of a villain than he probably is.

“At some point, I think it’s important that when a star’s supporters become unruly, we feel a responsibility to make them civil again and not allow cyberbullying.

“This involves a deeper philosophical question. About how we have to take responsibility for what we do. My question is: is this our future? Is anger our future? Or can we use empathy and civility in conversations?”

It’s pretty interesting to see Gyllenhaal swiftly putting this beef to bed, after all the kaflamba that went down around the release of “All Too Well (10-Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault),” which was entirely aimed at him.

Having an interview with an Italian magazine is a far more mature response than that weird all-red photoshoot he did in January that looked like a not-so-subtle dig at the Taylor Swift drama.

Can we finally know peace? Is it finally over?

If you need me I’m going to be streaming Taylor Swift’s version of Red. I’m no Swiftie, but you simply must stan an artist reclaiming their own work for themselves. See you in two hours.